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Sasha Broadcasted on Sunday 21st May, 1995

BT - "Trippin" (Perfecto)
New Order - "Blue Monday" (FFrr)
Spicelab - "We got Spice" (Harthouses)
Peter Lazonby - "Sacred Cycles" (Brainiak)
Dum dum - "To The Rhythm of Love" (Whoop)
Up Yer Ronson - "Lost in Love" (Hi-Life)
Hal 9000 - "Stoopid" (Fresh)
BT - "Divinity" (Perfecto)
Blue Amazon - "Star of David" (Jackpot)
Mozaic - "Sing Hallelujah" (acetate)
BT/Quat - "untitled" (deConstruction)
Billy Ray Martin - "Put Your Lovin Arms" (East West)
Shiva - "Freedom" (ffrr)
BT - "Loving You More" (Perfecto)

 Desyn  - 10
 CheefRoberts  - 10
 Danski  - 10
 bozobalbo  - 10
 Burkey  - 10
 wearthefoxhat  - 10
 JasonB  - 10
 Tom Flower  - 10
 farnesbarnes  - 10
 triggerb  - 10
 trainspotter  - 10
 matrix  - 9
 SYSTEM-J  - 9
 a massive zebra  - 9
 The Flit  - 8

 The Flit writes:
Love this mix but just find that it gets a little bit cheesey into the second half. The 1st half of it is amazing and is Sasha at his best.
[ Posted on 2003-01-24 16:29:37 ] [email]

 trainspotter writes: Untitled
[ Posted on 2003-04-10 01:23:54 ] [email]

 trainspotter writes:
[ Posted on 2003-04-10 01:25:22 ] [email]

 trainspotter writes:
Sorry - didn't work last two posts:

The Untitled track by BT/Qat is Heart of Imagination which is on the B-Side of Be As One by Sasha and Maria.
[ Posted on 2003-04-10 01:26:41 ] [email]

 triggerb writes:
Brilliant stuff. The best of his early essential mixes.
[ Posted on 2004-08-25 13:09:22 ]

 matrix writes: Excellent
A very good mix. Although I wouldn't call it cheesey, I agree that sometimes the second hour doesn't quite hit the spot - it depends on your mood. The last track goes on a bit.

I've only just got a decent recording of this, and it makes a real difference.
[ Posted on 2004-09-26 10:51:44 ] [email]

 farnesbarnes writes: Vintage Sasha
I had to register for this site specifically to respond to the post above this one, and the comment:

"the last track goes on for a bit".

Lovin' u more happened to be the seminal tune of 1995, and just about summed up the whole Sasha/Digweed/Perfecto sound. Even Oakey said (pre-release) in a mixmag interview that Lovin' u more was going to be an underground classic up there with the likes of Unfinished Sympathy. It was a critically acclaimed tune, and clubland adored it. The main room at Cream went ballistic a whole 12 months later in 96 when Vincent Covellodid a suprise live PA.

To say it goes on a bit is to not have been there, and to never fully understand...

(nothing personal, but it is very personal to thousands...)
[ Posted on 2004-12-03 23:24:58 ] [email]

 austoff writes: bt fiend
can i add to this argument.Lovin u more is a seminal track and sasha brought it to everyones attention in 95.but hey lost in love,spicelab and dum dum are the three jewels and sasha would still play these today,they are the three most timeless tracks from this genre of house music,anyone agree.
[ Posted on 2004-12-21 21:36:50 ]

 farnesbarnes writes: Fillers n anthems
Every set has it fillers n anthems. Lost in love and luvin u more are the anthems.

Dum dum n spicelab, the fillers.

However, a Sasha filler has got to be a bit special, to have the ability to carry a mix from one anthem to the next without losing it. Der dit raum on the global underground mix (San Fran?) being my all time fave filler.

Since my copy of this was nicked ages ago, i cant really remember spicelab - dum dum was quality tho.

Does anyone have a copy? P2P? CD for cash?
[ Posted on 2005-01-23 10:42:06 ] [email]

 Tom Flower writes: The Sound of '95
This is a seminal essential mix. Perhaps more than any other EM in 1995 Sasha totally encapsulated the epic house phenomenon. Kicking off with BT's classic "Divinity" the Man Like quickly cranks things up into pumping trance from Spicelab and Pete Lazonby. From then on the mix is pure ethereal epic trance/prog house. Dum Dum's "To the Rhythm of life" and Blue Amazon's wonderful "Star of David" sound as good today as they ever did. The inevitable "Loving you more" rounds off the mix in stupendous fashion: the tune of the long hot summer of '95. Feel the sunshine....
[ Posted on 2005-02-03 15:48:35 ] [homepage] [email]

 matrix writes: Opinions opinions
Loving you more may well have been the soundtrack of a decade for all I care. It doesn't mean everyone has to like it. It's pointless having arguments about taste. You're not wrong and I'm not wrong.

I repeat, for me, the last track goes on a bit.
[ Posted on 2005-02-25 08:43:57 ] [email]

 JasonB writes:
Got hold of this yesterday and the break at the 57 mix for the news or whatever kinda ruins the flow, the 2nd part kicks in excellently though and more than makes up for it.

Anyone know the version of Your Lovin' Arms played? cheers in advance.
[ Posted on 2005-05-16 17:12:25 ] [homepage] [email]

 austoff writes: lets carry this on
does anyone agree that when sasha played this set it was fresh and bright and new,but is it fair to say that this is when he peaked.

since then its been duller,and more like old rope at times ,come on am i right or wrong
[ Posted on 2005-09-15 00:54:57 ]

 wearthefoxhat writes:
i agree austoff this was his peak u know what happined he admits it himself he layed of the drugs COINCEDENCE u tell me
[ Posted on 2006-02-25 02:39:57 ]

 LawrenceHill writes:
There are some fantasicly well put together mixes here. The mix of Tilt into BT is fantastic and Bump into Tilt is brilliant.
I love that Microman track, it's the keychange in the middle- that does it for me.
[ Posted on 2007-05-05 06:00:06 ]

 CheefRoberts writes: Proper Track List
Part 1
1. BT – “Tripping The Light Fantastic” (Perfecto)
2. New Order – “Blue Monday (Hardfloor remix)” (FFrr)
3. Spicelab – “We Got Spice (Humate remix)” (Harthouse)
4. Pete Lazonby – “Sacred Cycles (Jens Mahlstedt remix)” (Brainiak Records)
5. Dum Dum – “One Earth Beat (To The Rhythm of Love) (Rhythm Of Life mix/Dream Of Life mix)” (Whoop!)
6. Up Yer Ronson – “Lost in Love (Sasha remix)” (Hi-Life)
7. Hal 9000 – “Stoopid” (Fresh)
8. BT – “Divinity” (Perfecto)

Part 2
1. Blue Amazon – “Star of David” (Jackpot)
2. Mozaic – “Sing It – The Hallelujah Song (Quivver’s Dirty Dub)” (Perfecto)
3. BT & Sasha – “Heart of Imagination” (deConstruction)
4. Billy Ray Martin – “Your Loving Arms (Brothers in Rhythm Club mix)” (Magnet/EastWest)
5. Shiva – “Freedom (BT’s Subconscious Freedom)” (FFrr)
6. BT – “Loving You More (BT’s Primordial Sound 12" Vocal)” (Perfecto)
[ Posted on 2008-01-23 12:53:20 ]

 SYSTEM-J writes:
This is the mix that made me into a Sasha fan and I still play it regularly. So many brilliant tracks and mixes in this one it's hard to choose a highlight. Star Of David is such a monster and the transition into Mozaic's Sing It is beautiful. The way he cuts back and forth between two versions of One Earth Beat is also exceptional mixing even by Sasha's standards.

And yet... I can't give this mix a 10/10 because I have to echo other people's complaints that Loving You More is a bad track to close on. The last 30 minutes of this set descend into a string of massive vocal anthems with no momentum or structure, and while Loving You More is great when played in the right place it doesn't half drag on here.
[ Posted on 2010-08-17 02:30:49 ]

 Desyn writes:
[ Posted on 2018-01-04 00:00:46 ] [email]

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