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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Portishead Broadcasted on Sunday 23rd April, 1995

Portishead - "untitled" (Go Beat)
Portishead - "Strangers" (Go Beat)
Depth Charge - "Number 9" (Vinyl Solution)
Original Concept - "Can You Feel It" (Def Jam)
Brand Nubian - "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down" (Elektra)
artist unknown - "My Thing" (Skool Beats)
James Brown - "Blind Man Can See It" (Corel)
Barry White - "Can't Seem To Find Him" (Pye)
Franco Micalizzi - "Affano" (Cem)
Lalo Schifrin - "Scorpio" (Viva)
Rhythm Heritage - "Theme from SWAT" (ABC)
Marva Whitney - "Unwind Yourself" (Famous Flame (Bootleg))
Ray Charles - "The Train" (His Masters Voice)
The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band - "Spreadin' Honey" (Jay Boy)
The Winstons - "Amen Brother" (Streetbeat)
Barry Gray - "Theme From Space 1999" (RCA)
Horace Ott - "Gordons War" (Cobalt)
Jimi Hendrix - "Crosstown Traffic" (Track)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - "Fire" (Track)
The Incredible Bongo Band - "Apache" (Streetbeat)
The John Gregory Orchestra - "Griff" (Phillips)
Lou Donaldson - "Pop Belly" (Street Beat)
A Tribe Called Quest - "If the Papes Come" (Jive)
The Crooklyn Dodgers - "Crooklyn (Instrumental)" (MCA)
Portishead - "Sour Times" (white label)
Craig Mack - "Flava In Ya Ear" (Bad Boy)
Show and AG - "Next Level" (Payday)
Gang Starr - "The 7 Remainz" (Chrysalis)
Bahamadia - "Total Wreck" (Chrysalis)
Black Sheep - "The Choice is Yours" (Mercury)
A Tribe Called Quest - "Oh My God" (Jive)
Portishead - "Sheared Times" (Go Beat)
Nine - "Whutch Want [Acapella]" (Profile)
Federation - "Rusty James" (Mo' Wax)
The Mystic Moods - "Cosmic Sea" (Warner Bros)
Lalo Schifrin - "Dirty Harrys Creed" (Viva)
Gordon Staples - "Strung Out" (Motown)
artist unknown - "Streets of San Francisco" (Silva Screen)
Pretty Purdie - "Soul Drums" (Soul Syndicate)
Weather Report - "Non Stop Home" (Columbia)
The Beatles - "SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band [Reprise]" (Parlophone)
Stevie Wonder - "Light My Fire" (Tamla Motown)
Manzell - "Midnights Theme" (Vinyl Dogs)
Massive Attack - "Karmacoma EP" (Wild Bunch)
Portishead - "Numb" (Go Beat)

 risimmons  - 10
 matrix  - 10
 snoopkat  - 10
 LCD  - 10
 kerode  - 10
 synkboy  - 10
 nayga73  - 10
 funkbunny303  - 10
 DrunkenMonkey  - 10
 greg77  - 10
 set117  - 10
 widzhit  - 10
 anuK  - 9
 MrArias  - 9
 daron  - 9
 Atomago  - 9
 rogue ldr  - 9
 KoolzAK1200  - 8
 farnesbarnes  - 8
 whalefish  - 6
 Expedition  - 4
 Disco-Stu  - 2
 theboylightning  - 0

 risimmons writes: My favourite essential mix ever
Fantastic mix if you're into breakbeat/hip hop/funk etc.
[ Posted on 2002-03-06 12:43:47 ]

 set117 writes:
No doubt a 10. 2 hours and it never slows. My personal
[ Posted on 2002-06-10 21:42:28 ] [email]

 DrunkenMonkey writes: Life Changing.
Well alright, maybe a bit over the top but you know what I'm saying! That sketchy TDK D-90 has been with me for a long time now, and I badly need it on Mp3, must buy better computer!
[ Posted on 2004-06-29 18:26:41 ]

 funkbunny303 writes: one of the best
One of the best mixes i've ever heard. Starts out with a classic, dark, trip-hop portishead groove, then just explodes all over the place with a killer hip-hop second half. A true 'essential mix' in that it is essential to have this set, and that the records they manage to mix in come from so many different styles and time periods. Absolutely brilliant how they pull this one off.
[ Posted on 2004-07-16 10:05:29 ] [email]

 nayga73 writes: Heeeaaaaaavvvvvyyyyy!!
Top mix.definetly one of my all time fave EM's.mixes everything superbly.10/10
[ Posted on 2004-11-19 16:35:35 ]

 Expedition writes: Very poor
This was really bad. I dont know why you all gave it 10. I give it 3 for the first half which was largely rubbish and 5 for the second half.

A big let down for a mix I was looking forward to hearing
[ Posted on 2004-11-30 00:13:12 ]

 farnesbarnes writes: Not bad
At a time when house/progressive ruled, this was a welcome change from the norm. Dummy was flying high and the headz had pre-hyped it so much that it didn't quite deliver. It was a very good mix, up there with Massive Attack, but not as good as the Psychonauts.
[ Posted on 2004-12-03 23:36:03 ] [email]

 whalefish writes:
Check out Massive Attacks mix instead.

Reptitious and mediocre. I tried very hard to listen to this because I like Portishead, but this is good where their releases are beyond great.
[ Posted on 2005-02-15 02:47:03 ]

 matrix writes: Excellent
Superb spread of music. Even the hip hop bit in the middle of the sandwich is great, with some excellent crate-digging around it.
[ Posted on 2005-04-18 21:11:33 ] [email]

 KoolzAK1200 writes:
Only just heard this mix - plenty of top tunes , nice selection of well oiled break
[ Posted on 2005-04-30 20:59:44 ]

 RichC writes: Blast from the Past
[ Posted on 2005-05-19 18:52:43 ]

 widzhit writes:
superb mix! really one of my favourite mixes of all times and no doubt - among the best Essential mixes too. and not only because i love Portishead, mix itself quite surprised me with selection. but in a good meaning.
a must hear mix!
[ Posted on 2005-06-02 16:18:31 ] [homepage]

 plugg writes: Want this mix ?
A restoration of this mix complete with tracklist and a cue sheet is avaliable on the mixing bowl
google it
[ Posted on 2006-04-17 19:24:53 ]

 Disco-Stu writes:
Largely rubbish, not what EM is supposed to be about at all i.e. dance music. At least FSOL offereings were trippy and chilled. One step away from getting Madonna to do an essential mix and I'm glad it never got as bad as that again.
[ Posted on 2007-02-24 14:44:55 ] [email]

 snoopkat writes:
What a mix!!! A real history of how we have the genres Hip-Hop and Breakbeat. Definetly in my top ten of EM's. A pleasure to behold!!
[ Posted on 2007-03-19 19:51:27 ] [email]

 orlando writes: Biggest collection
These are one of the best mixes i've ever heard in my life they are awesome, i love to collect this type of stuff ever, and i will get them too as i get some time form offering services of business hosting services along with the ecommerce hosts services at affordable price and now i am going to start reseller web hosting services which are really reliable and easy to use, but i one thing i must say that i never see a huge collection of mix any where else then here.
[ Posted on 2009-08-05 08:35:29 ] [email]

 yuri writes: Good mix!
No doubt, really good mix! On work I loop it two times at least.
Posted by: Free website owner
[ Posted on 2010-12-09 20:05:10 ] [homepage]

 sissil writes:
Portishead - Sour Times (Lot More Remix)
[ Posted on 2011-03-05 11:09:20 ] [email]

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