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The Psychonauts Broadcasted on Sunday 15th December, 1996

Trans AM - "Firepoker" (City Slang)
11.59 - "TG" (Ticking Time)
Cheif XL - "Last Stop" (Mo' Wax)
Marxman - "Sad Affair" (Talkin' Loud)
Peanut Butter Wolf - "Lunar Props" (2 Kool)
Abyss - "Shadow" (Sec)
Nine - "Promo" (white label)
Beastie Boys - "Bohisattua Vow [instrumental]" (Mo' Wax)
Major Force - "Last Orgy" (Major Force)
Stereo MCs - "What Is Soul [instrumental]" (4th & Broadway)
DJ Shadow - "Mutual Slump" (Mo] Wax)
Ultramag. MCS - "Chorus Line [instrumental]" (Next Plat)
Needle Thrashers - "Ill, You + Me = Naughty" (promo)
Wild Bunch - "The Look Of Love" (4th & Broadway)
Major Force - "Zenguin In Action" (Major Force)
DJ Krush - "KRB" (Mo' Wax)
Indho - "Love Will Be On Your Side [Photek Mix]" (Mercury Music)
Rebel Crew - "Serpent" (promo)
DJ Krush - "Only The Strong Will Survive [Attica Blues Mix]" (Mo' Wax)
The Root - "Clones" (Geffen)
Stereo MCs - "Devils Claw" (4th & Broadway)
Pressure Drop - "Back 2 Back" (C & P Big World)
Beatnuts - "Are You Ready [instrumental]" (bootleg)
Fed - "Cut Ridge" (Randall)
Major Force - "untitled" (Major Force)
Sven Can Hees - "Freak Ysthan" (Royal)
Love Corporation - "Cathedralls Of Glitter" (P & C Creation)
Nuphonic - "untitled" (white label)
Coldcut - "Beats & Pieces" (Big Life)
Howie B - "Undercover" (Polydor)
Massive Attack - "Sly (String Section)" (4th & Broadway)
DJ Cam - "promo" (Sony)
Automator - "Sleep" (Unbiquity Music)
Lewis Parker - "Rise" (Bite It)
Co-Flow - "promo" (white label)
DJ Shadow - "DJ Shadow Theme (solesides)" (Mo' Wax)
DJ Shadow - "Midnight" (Mo' Wax)
DJ Shadow - "Hardcore Inst. Hip Hop" (Mo' Wax)
DR Octagon - "Bear Witness" (Mo' Wax)
DJ Krush - "Meiso" (Mo' Wax)
DJ Shadow - "Lost + Found" (Mo' Wax)
Blackalicious - "Swan Lake Instrumental" (Mo' Wax)
DJ Krush - "Duality" (Mo' Wax)
Real Deal - "Headless Horseman" (Botchit & Scraper)
Massive Attack - "Daydreaming Inst." (4th & Broadway)
Smith & Mighty & Kelus & Lynx - "Clash Of The Beasts" (3111)
Juc Force - "Strong Island" (Boy Boy)
Gangstarr - "untitled" (Chrysalis)
Jazz Grooves - "Huh" (B Balls)
EPMD - "So Whatcha Sayin" (Sleepin Bag)
Major Force - "Guess What" (Major Force)
Wost Wanted - "Calm Down" (Sutra)
Lamb - "Goreckt" (Fontana)
The Amalgamation - "Eric" (Filter)
Renegade Soundwave - "Phantom" (Mute)
Nicolette - "Waking Up" (Shup Up & Dance)
Local Zero - "Airbag" (Filter)
DJ Shadow - "The Numbers Song" (Mo' Wax)
Beastie Boys - "Flute Loop Inst." (Mo' Wax)
Bjork - "I Miss You (Dobie Rub Pt 1)" (One Little Indian)
Gutter Snirfs - "Trial Of Life Inst." (Libaty Grooves)
Unkle - "Berry Meditation" (Mo' Wax)
Air - "Casanova 70" (Source Lab)
Brand Nubain - "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" (Elektra)
Automator - "A Better Tommorrow" (Ubiquity)
Dust Brothers - "Save Me" (promo)
Roni Size - "Down" (Talking Loud)
DJ Die - "Stone Love" (promo)
Oasis - "Wonderwall" (Creation)
Major Force - "Return Of The Original Artform" (Major Force)
DJ Mink - "Hey Can You Relate" (WARP)
Stetsasonic - "Hip Hop Band" (Tommy Boy)
Tru Funk - "Early Beat" (3 Stripe Music)
Carlton - "Do You Dream" (ffrr)

 Sea Monkey  - 10
 trite  - 10
 THE__DUKE  - 10
 paulh  - 10
 lomochild  - 10
 As Pasty As They Wanna Be  - 10
 KoolzAK1200  - 10
 Malacoda  - 10
 whalefish  - 10
 farnesbarnes  - 10
 matrix  - 10
 rogue ldr  - 10
 dersuuzala  - 10
 Smellicus  - 10
 Bindermosa  - 8
 Desyn  - 8

 dersuuzala writes:
this mix deserves a 10 alone for introducing me to dj shadow.
[ Posted on 2003-10-28 07:34:37 ]

 rogue ldr writes: mix = GENIUS!
by far the best essential mix i've heard. no duds from beginning to end. just dope. A+
[ Posted on 2004-07-18 15:59:23 ]

 rogue ldr writes: updated tracklisting
for the most part, this tracklisting is correct, but it's missing a few tracks. there's also a few typos in terms of what songs are being played.

for example:

* Indho - "Love Will Be On Your Side [Photek Mix]" (Mercury Music)

is really...

* Indo Animata - Love Will Be On Your Side (Dillinja Remix)

DJ Shadow's "Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain" is also heard before "Down" by Roni Size.

If anyone else can help fix the tracklisting for this superb mix, please do so.
[ Posted on 2004-11-18 04:14:12 ]

 farnesbarnes writes: The Best Essential Mix Ever
[ Posted on 2004-12-04 00:39:44 ] [email]

 whalefish writes:
[ Posted on 2005-02-05 18:38:16 ]

 whalefish writes:
what ever happened to these guys
[ Posted on 2005-02-05 18:38:48 ]

 rogue ldr writes: re: what ever happened to the psychonauts?
in response to whalefish:

the psychonauts are still around. they are on the international dj gigalo label. they had an album come out in late '03 called "songs for creatures." great album...very ellectic. pick it up. one of their members, psycho pab, does remixes here and there. check out his remix of dj format's "b-boy code" and his megamix of format's "music for the mature b-boy" album. fantastic work!

if you want to hear more stuff like their essential mix, check out the "time machine" mix they did for mo'wax. also check out the cream 2 mix cd...the mix is done by the psychonauts, but it's released under james lavelle's name. you'll notice right off the bat that it's them...james can't mix like that.
[ Posted on 2005-02-07 16:55:49 ]

 Malacoda writes: Blown away by the 'nauts
Well I think the Psychonauts just decided that they would do this mix and just make everyone else look like a bunch of silly poseurs by comparison. This mix is simply that good.

Nothing before it came close and nothing afterward in the hip-hop/breaks genres can touch it (not even Massive Attack's outstanding 1994 entry). In fact I think this mix was left behind by an advanced beneveolent extraterrestrial civilization for our entertainment and education.

Climax for me occurs at "Wonderwall," which is completely unexpected due to the funk and soul that struts before it. But those opening strums are superbly timed -- and this interpretation of the Oasis hit turns out to be very funky indeed. Love the Street Fighter II sample at the end.

Lots of twists and turns, changes in style and tempo. As Tong says at the start, a clever performance. Ashley Casselle's 2003 debut is the only other that merits a 10 from me.

This mix is to be respected and feared...
[ Posted on 2005-03-06 09:51:26 ]

 KoolzAK1200 writes:
Best essential mix bar none - 2 hours of pure bliss -was always gonna be that way -there was 3 of em at the time for this mix -not sure who the "third " member was on this mix -Pablo & Paul are quite awe-inspiring as DJs -check out the following mixes they did if you can:-

Cream Live 2 (96) (released under lavelles name)
Tribal Gathering (96) (also released under lavelle's name)
Radio 1 Breezeblock set (00)
Seraph Sounds (02?)
DJ Pablo Vs DJ Format megamix (02ish?)
Free Association Megamix (DJ Pablo)
Electric Stew (2nd CD mixed by Pablo Psychonauts) (03ish?)
[ Posted on 2005-03-18 18:37:58 ]

 RichC writes: mp3
can anyone point me in the direction of an mp3 for this mix
[ Posted on 2005-05-19 18:55:23 ]

 Malacoda writes: Where to find it
Check out
[ Posted on 2005-05-20 19:47:05 ]

 KoolzAK1200 writes: tracklist contin...
Few pointers/ additions :-

-The Cheif XL track is actually -The Groove Robbers feat. DJ Shadow- "Last Stop" .
-The Nine promo is Nine feat. Bounty Killa-"Warrior" (instrumental) .
-The Prunes -"Intermission Pt.3" -(ie-the track that gets cut up) apears after Major Force -zengun in action" (aka Tycoon Tosh & Terminator Troops for this track on some comps over here )
-6 Million Dollar Man Main Titles appear after DJ Shadow-"Midnight" (Gab Version)
-It's The Analgamation Of Soundz -""Eric"
-Unkle's -"Berry Meditation" (attica blues mix) appears briefly before Unkle-"Berry Meditation" (original)
-DJ Shadow-"Napalm /Scatterbrain" appears after the Dust Brothers "Save Me"
-there is a wu-tang "c.r.e.a.m" sampling jungle track after Roni Size "Down" before DJ Die

PS- surely someone must know the DJ Cam & Company Flow's track titles on there?
[ Posted on 2005-06-08 13:43:33 ]

 KoolzAK1200 writes: tracklist cont..
...oh yeh...+ its Blackalicious-"Rhymes For The Deaf , Dumb & Blind " NOT Blackalicious - "swan lake" as posted
[ Posted on 2005-06-10 16:05:32 ]

 rogue ldr writes: company flow track...
company flow track is "info kill ii."
[ Posted on 2005-06-15 17:50:38 ]

 prop4g4nd4 writes:
so what's that DJ Cam track before Dan The Automator?
i've been looking for it for yeeears!
[ Posted on 2005-12-31 07:40:12 ] [homepage]

 rogue ldr writes: that dj cam track...
the dj cam track is called "twilight zone (hip-hop remix)." hope that helps.
[ Posted on 2006-01-02 22:55:53 ]

 rogue ldr writes:
underneath the "napalm brain/scatter brain" bit that plays in this mix, i believe there's a part of "eastward" by urban tribe being played, as well.
[ Posted on 2006-01-02 22:59:17 ]

 prop4g4nd4 writes:
thnks rogue ldr... i already found out myself
yesterday, it's on DJ Cam's album 'Substances'
[COL 485405-2] from 1996.
[ Posted on 2006-01-03 08:58:33 ] [homepage]

 KoolzAK1200 writes: so...a slighlty revised tracklist
Intro routine / Psycho Theme
Trans AM – “Firepoker”(City Slang)
11.59 – “T6” (Ticking Time)
The Groove Robbers feat. DJ Shadow – “Last Stop” (Solesides)
Marxman – “Sad Affair” (Talkin Loud)
Peanut Butter Wolf – “Lunar Props” (2 Kool)
Abyss – “Shadow” (5EC)
Nine feat. Bounty Killa-“Warrior” (instrumental)(Promo)
Beastie Boys – “Bohisattva Vow “(instrumetal)(Mo Wax)
Major Force – “Last Orgy” (Major Force)
Stereo Mc’s – “What Is Soul?”(instrumental)(4th & Broadway)
DJ Shadow – “Mutual Slump” (Mo Wax)
Ultramagnetic MCs – “Chorus Line” (Next Plateau)
Needle Trashers – “III, You & Me = Naughty” (Dirtstyle Battleweapon)
Wild Bunch – “The Look Of Love” (4th & Broadway)
Major Force – “Zengun In Action “(Major Force)
The Prunes- “Intermission Pt.3” (Mowax)
Indoha Ashanta – “Love Will Be On Your Side” (Dillinja mix?) (Manifesto)
Rebel Crew – “Serpent” (Promo)
DJ Krush – “Only The Strong Will Survive” (Attica Blues Mix) (MoWax)
The Roots – “Clones “(Geffen)
Stereo MCs – “Devils Claw” (4th & Broadway)
Pressure Drop – “Back 2 Back” (C & P Big World)
Beatnuts – “Are You Ready?” (Bootleg)
Fed – “Cut Ridge” (Randall)
Major Force – “Untitled” (Major Force)
Sven Van Hees – “Freak Ysthan” (Royal)
Love Corporation – “Cathedrals Of Glitter” (P&C Creation)
Nuphonic – “Promo” (White Label)
Coldcut – “Beats & Pieces” (Big Life)
Howie B – “Undercover” (Polydor)
Massive Attack – “Sly (String Section)” (4th & Broadway)
DJ Cam – “Twillight Zone” (hip hop mix)(Sony)
Automator – “Sleep” (Unbiquity Music)
Lewis Parker – “Rise” (Bite It)
Company Flow – “Info Kill II” (orign. version.)(Official)
DJ Shadow – “DJ Shadows Theme” (Solesides)
DJ Shadow – “Midnight In A Perfect World” (Gab Version)(Mo Wax)
6 Million Dollar Main Titles (?)
DJ Shadow – “Hardcore Hip Hop” (Mo Wax)
Dr Octagon – “Bear Witness” (MoWax)
DJ Krush – “Meiso “(DJ Shadow mix) (Mo Wax)
DJ Shadow – “Lost & Found” (SFL) (MoWax)
Blackalicious – “Rhymes For The Deaf , Dumb & Blind” (instrumental)(Mowax)
DJ Krush & DJ Shadow – “Duality” (Mo Wax)
Real Deal – “Headless Horseman” (Botchit And Scraper)
Massive Attack – “Daydreaming” (remix)(4th & Broadway)
Mantronix – “Sing A Song (dub)”(Capitol)
Smith & Mighty feat. Kelus & Linx – “Clash Of The Beats” (3 Stripe)
JVC Force – “Strong Island “(B-Boy)
Gangstarr – Untitled (Chrysalis)
Jazz Grooves – “Huh “(8 Balls)
EPMD – “So Watcha Sayin’?”(instrumental) (Sleeping Bag)
Major Force – “Guess What” (Major Force)
Most Wanted – “Calm Down” (Sutra)
Lamb – “Gorecki “(Fontana)
The Analgamation Of Soundz– “Eric” (Filter)
Renegade Soundwave – “Phantom” (Mute)
Nicolette – “Waking Up” (Shut Up & Dance)
Local Zero – “Airbag” (Filter)
DJ Shadow – “The Number Song” (Mo Wax)
Beastie Boys – “Flute Loop” (Mowax)
Bjork – “I Miss You (Dobie Rub Pt 1)” (One Little Indian)
Gutter Snirfs – “Trial Of Life”(Liberty Grooves)
Unkle – “Berry Meditation (attica blues berry is sweeter mix)”(Mo Wax)
Unkle –“Berry Meditation (full original version)”(Mowax)
Air – “Casanova 70” (Source Lab)
Brand Nubian – “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone” (Elektra)
Automator – “A Better Tomorrow” (Ubiquity)
Dust Brothers – “Save Me” (Promo)
DJ Shadow-“Napalm / Scatterbrain”(Mowax)
Roni Size – “Down” (Talkin Loud)
?- jungle (samples wu tang) (?)
DJ Die –“ Stone Love” (Promo)
?- interlude-(?)
Oasis – “Wonderwall” (boot?) (Creation)
Major Force – “Return Of The Original Artform” (Major Force)
DJ Mink – “Hey Can You Relate?” (Warp)
Stetsasonic – “Hip Hop Band “(Tommy Boy)
Tru Funk – “Early Beat” (3 Stripe Music)
Carlton – “Do You Dream ?”(FFRR London)
[ Posted on 2006-02-15 03:42:53 ]

 farnesbarnes writes: Like this? Check this 25 minute mix

Fans of the Psychonauts mix will love this 25 min mix of Vadim n Primecuts.
[ Posted on 2006-09-30 17:54:35 ] [email]

 farnesbarnes writes: Bollox to the link above
[ Posted on 2006-09-30 17:55:19 ] [email]

 farnesbarnes writes: Im fookin shit on computers

[ Posted on 2006-09-30 17:55:53 ] [email]

 lomochild writes: pure class
Well it's all been said, only heard this set about a year back and blew me away and a decade on, this has stood the test of time. A timeless and clever set indeed and this mix deserves nothing less than full marks. Pure class.
[ Posted on 2006-12-18 21:54:29 ]

 paulh writes:
at first i wasnt a huge fan of this but i just cant seem to stop listening to it. i still think the first half is abit weak, but the last half an hour quite simply could not be any better.
[ Posted on 2007-01-10 11:21:21 ]

 As Pasty As They Wanna Be writes: epic essential mix
This mix was and is still is a genuine great mix.
It did showcase a lot of new stuff at the time as well as throwing in some already (then) established classics whether from hip hop to house to jungle
. But its all so brillinatly mixed up at times they made everything on here their own.

Thing about this mix - it was so cleverly blended - you have the cut ups and additional scratching hip hop skills but you also have the clever blends were songs play off each other so naturally along the way - and playing round with tempos throughout the mix at times.
A brilliantly constructed mix .
The Psychonauts -Pablo & Paul - were a great combo as DJs (again like someone menioned - im not sure who the "third " member was on this mix) - they not only had great turntable ability but also had a genuine knack of pulling off delightful blends along the way plus also of course had access to a lot of then "new stuff" via being the -inhouse Mowax DJs.

The Adagio for strings / Howie B / Coldcut / Sven Hees /Phase Action part remains still one of the best parts of any mix youll probably ever hear.

There are moments when things are a bit more low-key ..but the general level of multiple blends in certain sections of this mix are nothing short of exceptional.

Very much a bench mark in terms of mixing which still urinates from a great height over other essential mixes.
Their Cream Live 2 mix of the same year was the hybrid shorter , tighter mix and ultimate mix of theirs that was made commercially available but this as a 2 hour stretched out essential mix was indeed genuine brilliance.
[ Posted on 2007-05-12 04:33:06 ]

 nonononononono writes: no
[ Posted on 2012-02-12 08:56:23 ] [homepage] [email]

 trite writes: Tracklist revisions...
there were some really crazy typos and mislabelled artists/songs that made it hard track stuff down.

Intro routine / Psycho Theme
Trans AM – Firepoker [City Slang]
11:59 – T-60 [Ticking Time]
The Groove Robbers – Last Stop [Solesides]
Marxman – Sad Affair [Talkin' Loud]
Peanut Butter Wolf – Lunar Props [2 Kool]
Shadow – The Abyss (Instrumental) [5EC]
Nine feat. Bounty Killa - Warrior (Instrumental)
Beastie Boys – Bodhisattva Vow (Instrumental) [Mo' Wax]
Tiny Panx – Last Orgy (Instrumental) [File Records]
Stereo MCs – What Is Soul? (Instrumental) [4th & Broadway]
DJ Shadow – Mutual Slump [Mo' Wax]
Ultramagnetic MCs – Chorus Line (Instrumental) [Next Plateau]
Needle Trashers – III, You & Me = Naughty [Dirtstyle Battleweapon]
The Wild Bunch – The Look Of Love [4th & Broadway]
Major Force – Zenguin In Action [Major Force]
The Prunes - Intermission Pt.3 [Mo' Wax]
Indo Aminata – Love Will Be On Your Side (Dillinja Drum & Bass Mix) [Manifesto]
Rebel Crew – Serpent
DJ Krush – Only The Strong Will Survive (Attica Blues Mix) [Mo' Wax]
The Roots – Clones (Instrumental) [Geffen]
Stereo MCs – Devil's Claw [4th & Broadway]
Pressure Drop – Back 2 Back [C & P Big World]
Beatnuts – Are You Ready? (Instrumental)
The Fed – Cut Dirge [Randall]
Major Force – Untitled [Major Force]
Sven Van Hees – Freakysthan [Royal]
Love Corporation – Cathedrals Of Glitter (Monkey Mafia Mix) [P&C Creation]
Nuphonic – ?
Coldcut – Beats & Pieces [Big Life]
Howie B – Undercover [Polydor]
Massive Attack – Sly (String Section) [4th & Broadway]
DJ Cam – Twilight Zone (Hip Hop Mix) [Sony]
Automator – Sleep [Unbiquity Music]
Lewis Parker – Rise [Bite It]
Company Flow – Info Kill II (Original Version) [Official]
DJ Shadow – DJ Shadows Theme [Solesides]
DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World (Gab Version) [Mo' Wax]
6 Million Dollar Main Titles
DJ Shadow – Hardcore Hip Hop Instrumental [Mo' Wax]
Dr Octagon – Bear Witness [Mo' Wax]
DJ Krush – Meiso (DJ Shadow mix) [Mo' Wax]
DJ Shadow – Lost & Found (SFL) [Mo' Wax]
Blackalicious – Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb & Blind (Instrumental) [Mo' Wax]
DJ Krush & DJ Shadow – Duality [Mo' Wax]
Raw Deal – Headless Horseman [Botchit And Scraper]
Massive Attack – Daydreaming (Remix) [4th & Broadway]
Mantronix – Sing A Song (Dub) [Capitol]
Smith & Mighty feat. Kelus & Linx – Clash Of The Beats [3 Stripe]
JVC Force – Strong Island [B-Boy]
Gangstarr – Untitled [Chrysalis]
Jazz Grooves – Huh [8 Balls]
EPMD – So Watcha Sayin’? (Instrumental) [Sleeping Bag]
Major Force – Guess What [Major Force]
Most Wanted – Calm Down [Sutra]
Lamb – Gorecki (Fontana)
The Amalgamation Of Soundz – Eric [Filter]
Renegade Soundwave – Phantom [Mute]
Nicolette – Waking Up [Shut Up & Dance]
Local Zero – Airbag [Filter]
DJ Shadow – The Number Song [Mo' Wax]
Beastie Boys – Flute Loop (Instrumental) [Mo' Wax]
Bjork – I Miss You (Dobie Remix) [One Little Indian]
Gutter Snirfs – Trial Of Life [Liberty Grooves]
Unkle – Berry Meditation (Attica Blues Berry Is Sweeter Mix) [Mo' Wax]
Unkle – Berry Meditation (Full Original Version) [Mo' Wax]
Air – Casanova 70 [Source Lab]
Brand Nubian – Love Me Or Leave Me Alone [Elektra]
Automator – A Better Tomorrow [Ubiquity]
Dust Brothers – Save Me
DJ Shadow - Napalm/Scatterbrain [Mo' Wax]
Roni Size – Down [Talkin Loud]
? - ? (samples wu tang)
DJ Die – Stone Love
? - ? (interlude)
Oasis – Wonderwall [Creation]
Major Force – Return Of The Original Artform [Major Force]
DJ Mink – Hey Can You Relate? [Warp]
Stetsasonic – Hip Hop Band [Tommy Boy]
Tru Funk – Early Beat [3 Stripe Music]
Carlton – Do You Dream? [FFRR London]
[ Posted on 2013-04-09 19:17:22 ]

 Bindermosa writes:
definitely a good mix but it's really not my style. a little all over the place which can be a good thing or a bad thing at times.
[ Posted on 2013-05-31 20:26:30 ]

 Smellicus writes: Brilliance
I remember listening to this in 1996 and still do today I made it one of my lives goals to track down and own everyone of the tracks which i did. But the reason I have created an account and will comment is because I can not and will not have the last comment even slightly negative. This is without a doubt the greatest essential mix and helped shape my musical taste to this day. I have always regretted that they never did a whole lot more.
[ Posted on 2020-04-21 09:27:53 ]

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