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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Judge Jules Broadcasted on Sunday 25th September, 1994

Sister Bliss - "Life's A Bitch" (white label)
Apollo 440 - "Liquid Cool" (Stealth Sonic)
Danny Red - "Riddim Wise" (Colombia)
Mathar - "Indian Vibes" (Virgin)
Sister Bliss - "Life's a Bitch" (white label)
Ashbrooke Allstars - "Dubbin Up The Pieces" (East West)
Chicago Symphony - "Ram Raid EP" (white label)
Cubace - "CU Bass" (white label)
LWS - "Gosp" (Transworld)
Rok & Kato - "Cherry Lips" (Blade)
Todd Terry - "Put Your Hands Together" (Champion)
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Expansions" (JVS)
Systemm VIII - "Underground" (Easy Street)
Cover Ups Vol II - "No Info" (white label)
Escandalo - "Mas Buena" (Strictly Rhythm test pressing)
Rare Arts - "Boriqua Posse" (Strictly Rhythm)
Dimitri & Jaimy - "Brazil 2000" (Outland)
The Original - "I Love You Baby" (WT)
Tapp - "Shake That Ass" (Work)
Transglobal Underground - "Lookee Here" (Nation)
B.O.D. - "No More Mind Games" (Umm)
2 In A Room - "El Trago" (promo)
Dap - "D Fever" (Eastern Bloc)
Sub Bug - "Back 2 Dub" (promo)
JT Company - "You Got" (Muzik without Control)
Vudu - "untitled" (Grass Green white label)
Hashim - "Al Naafish Remix" (Orbit)
Dred Stock - "Pump" (Freeze)
DJ Disciple - "On The Dancefloor" (Mother 4)
Jeannie Tracy - "Do You Believe" (white label)
Ronnie Canada - "Tell The World" (Tomo Hawk)
Joe T Vanelli - "Voice In Harmony" (Dreambeat)
Satoshie Tomilie - "The Antherm" (promo)
Salvia - "Fiesta Conga" (Movin Melodies)
The Ethics EP - "La Luna" (Movin Melodies)
Frankie Hollywood - "Feel The Fire" (DJ Int)
Gill Scott Heron - "Interview With Gary Byrd" (Mother)
Art Of Noise - "Moments In Love" (ZTT)
Cry Sisco - "Afro Dizzi Act" (Escape)
Voice Of Africa - "Hoomba Hoomba" (Discomagic)
IZIT - "Stories" (New Music)
YBU - "Soul Magic" (Splish)
Fidelfatti - "Just Wanna Touch Me" (Urban)
Funk Express - "UF Force" (Promo)
Trilogy - "Love Me Or Love Me Not" (ATCO)
Ghouls - "Ghost" (Pin Up)

 not-forgotten  - 8
 serp  - 7

 serp writes:
Probably Judge Jules best mix out of all the essential mixes he has played. Nice house track selection. He should have stuck to this style as this was what he was good at before he sold out. :/
[ Posted on 2004-06-05 09:10:43 ] [email]

 not-forgotten writes:
This is when Jules had some diversity in his mixing.

Of course Jules wouldn't be playing, imho, the shite he does today if it wasn't popular with some people, and we all have different tastes.

I prefer him when he was mixing like this...

Note the drop of izit - he wouldn't do something of that nature today!
[ Posted on 2004-08-07 23:46:46 ]

 Trig1200 writes:
First essential mix I ever heard/ I thought it was well good, cause it started off non-house, with chilled out beats. Built up into house, then last 20 mins were chilled. How ALL mixes should be constructed. Then Judge Jules went downhill around 96.

8/10 for this mix, which was an Ibiza Special EM. Drop me a line if you got this mix on MP3, please.
[ Posted on 2005-07-10 23:49:50 ] [email]

 Bongoloid writes: Back N The Day
Just dowloaded this mix... and what a timewarp! This shows you just how diverse Jules' box used to be til he tranced out.

His history was so promising, too. from doing warehouse Rare Groove raves under the Family Funktion pseudonym with Norman Jay's Shake and Fingerpop crew (They were the same DJ stock), to Playing on Pirate station Kiss FM, while Paul Trouble Anderson slept on the roof to protect the Gear! excursions to the Paradise Garage followed and the scene was set... Those were the daze. His JDJ mix from 93 is the same kind of trip.

I find it very hard to swallow, hearing how he is now, more of a business man, like Tong, than a respected DJ. But it's the same all over with music. You can be respected and have the deepest crates, but when you've ben doing that for ten years and a chance comes by... some people just take the cheesy way out.

Anyway, this mix has some classic house moments, as well as the original version of 'I love U baby.' Expansions is always to hear, as well as Nyalfish. It's just what house music WAS about... Selah
[ Posted on 2006-03-23 22:38:22 ] [email]

 sissil writes:
eastern vibes - mathar
[ Posted on 2012-05-15 15:53:55 ] [email]

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