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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Alex P & Brandon Block Broadcasted on Sunday 19th January, 1997

Descent - "Moonblower"
Van Haze - "The Workout"
Natural Born Grooves - "Grooveblind"
Hole In One - "Life's Too Short"
Brainbug - "Nighmare"
Aspro 2B continued - "Laydown"
Satellite City Recordings - "White"
Madame F - "Bonkers"
Fred & Ginger - "The Jam Must Go On"
Baby Talk - "Future"
Go Go - "House Of Love"
Duke - "So In Love With You"
Liquid Art - "Explorer"
Go Go - "Fairytales"
Extract - "Take U To The Inside"
Technocat featuring DJ Scott - "The Journey"
Vinyl Vandals - "Break"
Mankay - "Double Trouble"
Cunky Mother - "Cold Stone Lover"
artist unknown - "Strong Island"
Hip Hop - "Renegade"
Slacker - "Scared"
Team Deep - "Morning Light"

 leg  - 9
 Trig1200  - 9
 Attila the Hun  - 9
 RR78  - 9
 matrix  - 8
 ninjaalex  - 8
 Desyn  - 8
 TheNorth  - 7
 Bindermosa  - 6

 Trig1200 writes:
This mix is a mental mix. I dont even know what genre is fuckin is.
Its like house techno with a funkeh attitude.
During the time the sound was Sash, BBE, Brainbug and similar. But this mix was like a breath of fresh air. 9/10. They would have gotten a 10 if the fools never played Pink Floyd at the start............. AAAV IT!!!!
[ Posted on 2005-07-11 00:18:12 ] [email]

 Trig1200 writes:
............ YOU NUTBAGS!!!!!!!!!!
[ Posted on 2005-07-11 00:18:49 ] [email]

 Triggerz writes:
This mix gets better and better. A lot of Dutch labels here.

I need to know where the movie sound clips came from.
"Must have thought it was white boy day"

"I love to get pie after a meal" Kristian Slaters voice, i think.
[ Posted on 2006-10-08 05:27:55 ] [homepage] [email]

 Attila the Hun writes:
This mix is very nice plus it contains one of the greatest house tunes ever:
Slacker - Scared
[ Posted on 2008-05-21 16:01:22 ]

 RR78 writes: Bangin Dutch Toons
A blinding set from Peasy and Blocko! I gave this a 9, would have been a 10 but for the over use of the movie soundtrack excerpts (what / who are they?). Anyway, I've re-done the tracklist and added labels and correct Artist/ Track details, here you go, you nutbags!!!

1. Descent - “Moonblower” (Colors),
2. Van Haze - “The Workout” (Main Room Records),
3. Natural Born Grooves - “Groovebird” (Natural Born Grooves/ Heat Recordings, Positiva),
4. Hole In One - “Life’s Too Short” [Live At Paleis Soestdijk Mix] (Nutrition/ Manifesto),
5. Brainbug - “Nightmare” (Positiva),
6. 2 B Continued - “Laydown” (Aspro/ Outland Records),
7. Satellite City Recordings - “White”
8. Madam Friction - “Bonkers” (Nukleuz),
9. Fred & Ginger - “The Jam Must Go On” [ DJ Promo Only] (Freebass Recordings),
10. Futurefiles – “Babytalk” (South of Sanity/ Simple Symphonys),
11. DJ Gogo - “House Of Love” [Heaven Mix] (Cyber Records),
12. Duke - “So In Love With You” (Pukka Records),
13. Liquid Art - “Xplorer” (Hook Recordings),
14. DJ Gogo Featuring Marlene Leibacher - “Love Is My Passion” [Fairytales EP Story 1] (Cyber Records),
15. Extract - “Take U To The Inside” (Yeti Records),
16. Technocat Featuring DJ Scott - “The Journey” (DJ’s at Work/ Steppin Out Records/ Scorpio Music),
17. Vinyl Vandals - “2-3 Break” (Byte Records/ Pure Groove Productions),
18. Mankey - “Double Trouble” (Slamm Records/ Ministry of Sound),
19. Chunky Mother - “Cold Stone Lover” (Rockstone Records/ Frisbeat Records),
20. Artist Unknown - “Strong Island”
21. Hip Hop - “Renegade”
22. Slacker - “Scared” [The Lonely Traveller] (Loaded Records, XL Recordings),
23. Hazy Grooves - “Maniak” (Pukka Records),
24. Dreadzone - “Life, Love, Unity” [Disco Dread Mix] (Virgin),
25. Team Deep - “Morning Light” (Multiply Records).
[ Posted on 2011-06-01 23:14:16 ]

 matrix writes:
All the clips are from Tarantino's True Romance I think.
[ Posted on 2011-06-18 10:43:45 ] [email]

 RR78 writes: True Romance clips
Well, thanks to Matrix's tip off about the film clip exerpts used in this frankly awesome essential mix which still sounds great today 15 years, yes, 15 years later, I've now worked out (after watching the film True Romance, 1993), who/where these clips came from:

1) "Yeah, I love to get pie after a movie" - Christian Slater.
2) "Would you like to go get some pie with me?" - Patricia Arquette.
3) "I'm 100%....manogamous" - Patricia Arquette.
4) "You stay with one guy" - Christian Slater.
5) "Shoot him in the face, put him down like a dog" - Val Kilmer.
6) "You must have thought it was a white boy day" - Gary Oldman.
7) "They were here, then they siad they were going to go there and they went" - a rather stoned Brad Pitt!

Oh, and for those who are feeling as much an anorak as me right now the glockenspeil opening/closing tune is Hans Zimmers - "You're So Cool/ The Beach Song". Hans's version of Carl Orffs - "Schulwerk".

And the scene where Slater kills Oldman the tune playing in the whorehouse is Nymphomania - "I Want Your Body" - a perfect tune for the scene, high energy and slightly sleazy!!

Slater - Clarence. Arquette - Alabama. Kilmer - Elvis Presley. Oldman - Drexl. Pitt - Floyd.

I don't know of many other essential mixes that use film exceprts apart from the obvious one in Oakenfolds Goa Mix where he has Harrison Ford's "Go right, stop, give me a hard copy right there" before he slams it into MWNN - "Floor Essence" - superb!
Anyone else know of film excerpts used in EM's?
Anorak season over!!
[ Posted on 2012-04-16 21:33:59 ]

 Bindermosa writes:
Very high energy and cheesy. Not my style of music at all.
[ Posted on 2013-05-30 19:59:15 ]

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