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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Deep Dish Broadcasted on Sunday 12th July, 1998

Sanasol vs Ozzy - "Seven Eleven" (Thule)
artist unknown - "Primitive Tools Edition One" (Primitive)
Attaboy - "Solid Space Business" (Pagan)
Emily - "untitled" (Yoshitoshi)
Problem Kids - "Miles Away" (Paper)
Wambonix - "untitled" (Earth)
Latino Circus - "In Your Soul" (Yoshitoshi)
David Alvarado - "untitled" (Yoshitoshi)
Deep Dish - "Summer's Over" (Deconstruction)
All-Star Madness - "Magic" (Atlantic)
Danny Tenaglia featuring Cevin Fisher - "The Better Days" (Twisted)
Korsakov - "Deep In Space" (Muller)
PSI Perfomer - "untitled" (white label)
Love + Rockets - "Resurrection Hex" (Red Ant)
2 Phat C**** - "Ride" (Yoshitoshi)
Aril Brikha - "Groove L'achord" (Fragile)
Stonemaker - "Tangent" (Bellboy)
artist unknown - "untitled" (Toko #13)
K.O.T featuring Julie McKnight - "I Want You" (Yoshitoshi)
Deep Dish featuring Everything But The Girl - "The Future Of The Future" (deConstruction)

 Hybrid  - 10
 Merlin  - 10
 greatscott  - 10
 spoons  - 10
 dersuuzala  - 10
 andyk79  - 10
 MrDub  - 10
 sawis  - 10
 Dryg  - 10
 Jaz  - 10
 SauceGremlin  - 10
 Hillsman  - 10
 Nightreaver  - 10
 immdischt  - 10
 jonsonn  - 10
 Ataluna1976  - 10
 t2reverse  - 10
 krizl  - 9
 not-forgotten  - 9
 es330  - 9
 jasonp  - 9
 Duffman  - 9
 Desyn  - 9

 not-forgotten writes:
The first 40mins of this mix jus does it for me!!
[ Posted on 2004-08-07 19:44:47 ]

 t2reverse writes: awesome
this e-mix made me into a deep dish fan
[ Posted on 2004-08-12 02:28:28 ] [email]

 es330 writes:
Just listening to this for the first time. A great selection of deep house. Nice downtempo track at 1hr 7min.
[ Posted on 2005-04-06 16:54:25 ]

 Nightreaver writes:
> his e-mix made me into a deep dish fan

me too, this has to be one of my fav essentail mixes
[ Posted on 2006-04-05 21:27:42 ] [homepage]

 Hillsman writes:
This was and still is one of the best ever EM's. I like my trance, my D'n'B and my chillout music, but this is downtempo house par excellence. Breathtaking.
[ Posted on 2006-05-10 17:16:57 ]

 SauceGremlin writes: Amazing set
best thing i have ever heard it's still so progressive...sad that they are going into the mainstream
[ Posted on 2006-05-25 18:03:48 ] [email]

 Jaz writes: The bomb
Still rates as one of the best sets. I've had it in my PC/Ipod/Psp since 2000 and has not left!
[ Posted on 2006-11-29 18:35:25 ] [homepage] [email]

 greatscott writes: wtf happend to them now?
i remember back in the days..the better days..deep dish used to be so good.
This is one of the best mixes i have ever had the pleasure of listening to a hundred times. those of you who have listened to it already know what its all about and those of you who havent should work on that.
[ Posted on 2007-02-15 20:40:37 ] [email]

 spoons writes:
way ahead of its time. absolute fkin pure class. one of thee ebst ever.
[ Posted on 2007-11-11 00:22:14 ] [email]

 Duffman writes:
What an EM!! Def in my top 3 and just love that Lation Circus track, its completely twisted.
[ Posted on 2008-04-02 11:01:11 ]

 stixx writes:
Can't agree enough with everyone about this mix.

Does anyone know what else is mixed with Latino Circus "in your soul"... i just bought the track but it doesnt have that deep driving baseline, which is the mix on the deep dish set
[ Posted on 2009-03-24 08:17:04 ]

 orlando writes: amazing mix i see.
Nice tracks i see here and all mix are unique in their aspects as they are really enjoyable i would like to share my collection with you as i get some time form web hosting review services along with the low cost web hosting services and now i am going to start shared hosting services which are reliable and easy to use.
[ Posted on 2009-08-05 09:36:05 ] [email]

 MrDub writes: ooobeee ddooo
I like it. Nice deep, smooth, flowing mix. spacey and progressive. Love it! Deep Dish were great before going commercial
[ Posted on 2011-02-09 17:37:09 ]

 sawis writes:
hell yeah
[ Posted on 2011-02-13 13:24:23 ]

 krizl writes: AWESOME
Deep warm spacy progressive mix by Deep Dish
this one is in my top 5 EM's ever!
[ Posted on 2011-04-18 16:22:37 ] [email]

 Dryg writes:
This em has been a very special friend of mine since the day it came out, its my go-to track for long walks and inspirational moments. I am still today amazed by the mixing skill that goes in to this mix. so much love... and THE best weed mix in the world. I have been trying to track down the ending track, wich I can only assume is the one called "Unamed - unkown artist on Tokyo 13, but I fail hopleddly every time, but I am dying to know how it sounds in original, so if you know anything, please contact me. plur
[ Posted on 2011-06-18 14:31:42 ] [email]

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