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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Jim Masters Broadcasted on Sunday 19th December, 1999

Black Dog - "Merck" (Warp)
Rhythm Is Rhythm - "Strings Of Life" (Transmat)
Cyberton - "Clear" (Fantasy)
Optic Nerve - "Another World" (Direct Beat)
Sueno Latino - "Sueno Latino" (Creative)
Beltram - "Energy Flash" (Transmat)
69 - "Jam The Box" (Planet E)
Kraftwerk - "Tour De France" (white label)
Nightmares On Wax - "Dextrous" (Warp)
Rhythm Is Rhythm - "The Dance" (Transmat)
Planetary Assault Systems - "Booster" (Peacefrog)
E Dancer - "Pump The Move" (Kms)
Ron Trent - "Altered States" (white label)
DJ Deeon - "House O Matic" (Dancemania)
D B X - "Losing Control" (Peacefrog)
Domina - "Domina" (white label)
New Order - "Blue Monday" (Factory)
Vainquer - "Ploy" (white label)
Aphex Twin - "Polygon Window Quoth" (Warp)
Dave Clarke - "Red 1" (Bush)
Adam Beyer & Lenk - "Drumcode 1" (white label)
Speedy J - "Rise" (Plus 8 Music)
Ken Ishii - "Extra" (R&S Records)
Plastikman - "Spastik" (Plus 8)
Green Velvet - "Flash" (Open)
Joey Beltram - "Forklift" (Novamute)
Dj Funk - "# 1 Pump It" (Cosmos)
Jeff Mills - "Step To Enchantment" (Axis)
Patrick Pulsinger - "Citylights Pt I" (Disko B)
Dave Angel - "Rotation" (Rotation)
Octave One - "I Believe" (430 West)
Lil Louis - "Blackout" (Ffrr)
Robert Hood - "Moveable Parts" (M Plant)
Suburban Knight - "The Stalker (Edit)" (Transmat)
69 - "Rushed" (Planet E)
D X - "Houseshift" (Reflection Music)
Purpose Maker - "The Bells" (Purpose Maker)
Marco Carola - "Tang" (1000 Records)
Marco Carola - "Eternity" (Design)
Surgeon - "Magneze" (Downwards)
The Advent - "Bad Boy" (Internal)
Red Planet - "Star Dancer" (Red Planet)
Laurent Garnier - "Acid Eiffel" (Fragile)
Steve Rachmad Presents Scorpio - "Aqua Dance" (Fragile)
Slam - "Positive Education" (Soma)
Basic Channel - "Phylyps Trak I" (Basic Channel)
Knights Of The Jaguar - "Jaguar" (U R)
69 - "Desire" (Planet E)
Galaxy To Galaxy - "Hi Tech Jazz" (U R)
Jedi Knights - "Blaff Reader" (Clear)

 nayga73  - 10
 snoopkat  - 10
 seeker  - 9
 Desyn  - 9
 ninjaalex  - 8
 Hillsman  - 7
 mkw-pfc  - 7

 seeker writes: this IS techno
if you like techno, and you haven't heard this mix, you're really missing out. if you don't know techno, get this mix, you'll soon understand.

the first hour flows nicely through some old school stuff. great melodies, nice beats. the mix of new order is killer. builds nicely to the 'spastik' and 'flash' mix, which kicks it up a notch for the harder second hour.

i play this about once a week.
[ Posted on 2002-05-21 00:19:48 ] [email]

 nayga73 writes:
Any true techno fan should have a copy of this mix!!!mixes old and new skool superbly!!10/10
[ Posted on 2004-10-27 16:46:26 ]

 Dugwax writes: Quality Techno
For those that don't know this is Jim Masters take on techno throught the 90s & contains some absolute gems of tunes. Get it!!!!
[ Posted on 2005-03-18 13:52:05 ] [email]

 Hillsman writes: Bite more than you can chew?
There isn't much activity on this site so I doubt anyone will read my comments, but cannot resist making my feelings known.

Basically, I grew up with techno and it was my first love, before it degraded into the mind assaulting repetitive assortment of bleeps, beats, snares and samples that is is today.

I know and love almost every track in this set and I am fortunate to own a lot of them (in one form or another) or to have heard them played live by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Dave Angel, Joey Beltram, Frank De Wulf, Colin Dale, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson etc etc

I was excited when I heard about this particular EM, but my expectations were shattered when I saw the tracklisting....50 tracks in 2 hours?! At best, you get a mere snippet of a great tune (anything less than the full version of an amazing track like Stardancer is an offence) and at worst, you get a jumbled mess of sound. IMO, Masters achieves both. Just check out Ken Iishi's Extra - should've been a mix highlight, but is instead criminally overlapped by inappropriate tracks before and after....though I was never a fan of Spastik in the first place.

The mix gets 7 from me as there are so mnay techno greats / classics in there, but the old adage that 'too many cooks spoils the broth' certainly rings true here
[ Posted on 2007-01-31 16:07:05 ]

 mkw-pfc writes: ok
this mix was alright but he promised 15 years worth of techno cant remember hearing anything prior to enery flash - anyway the mix itself was alright at best really but it seemed a bit short of funky housey techno & more slanted towards the panel beating stuff - something nearer to stacey pullens effort would have suited me
[ Posted on 2007-04-03 11:38:53 ] [email]

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