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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

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Dave Clarke Broadcasted on Sunday 29th October, 2000

Drexciya - "Temple Of Dos De Aqua" (Tresor)
Riuichi Sakamoto - "The End Of Europe" (Plexus)
D J Rush - "Sessions" (white label)
Adam Beyer - "Lost & Found" (Conform)
Mike Dearborn - "Battle [Advent Remix]" (Majesty)
Alan Barrat - "Part Deux" (Red Frame)
Chris Mccormack - "Space DJz [Remix 1]" (Materials)
Chris Mccormack - "Space Djz [Remix 2]" (Materials)
Richie Hawtin - "Minus Orange" (white label)
Underworld - "K.O.Snake [Dave Clarke Remix]" (Junior Boys Own)
Joey Beltram - "Arena" (S.T.X)
Technasia - "Sino" (white label)
Turning Point 1 - "Jamie Ball" (Turning Point)
Felix Da Housecat - "In The Dark [Dave Clarke Remix]" (Emotive)
Turning Point 1 - "Jamie Ball" (Turning Point)
W.P.A - "Seawolf" (U.R)
D J Rush - "Smoke" (white label)
Lighter Thief - "Zippo King Two" (Ifach)
Jeff Mills - "Tango" (Purpose Maker)
Russian Roulette - "Look'n Like A Man" (High Octane)
D J Funk - "Run Remix" (Projex)
Umek vs Valentinp - "untitled" (white label)
S.L.S - "untitled" (white label)
G Force - "untitled" (white label)
Oliver Ho - "Awakening" (white label)
Spank 3 - "untitled" (white label)
D.O.T.G - "Hope E.P" (Black Nation)
U.R - "Knight Of The Jaguar" (U.R)
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs - "Sandwiches" (Throw)
The Hacker - "untitled" (white label)
Anthony Rother - "Machines" (white label)
X-Ile - "Colours" (Direct Beat)
Di-Jital - "360 Degrees" (white label)
Keith Tucker - "Speak Worshipping" (Dream Hunter)
Aaron Carl - "Down" (Metroplex)
Dre Brown - "Rejuvinated Rhythm" (Direct Beat)
D J Godfather - "From Detroit Via Sat" (white label)
Mr Velcro Fastener - "Assasins" (Tie)
Zombie Nation - "Kerndraft 400" (white label)
D J Hyperactive - "Reptillian Tank" (Morpheus)
D J Bold - "untitled" (white label)
D J Rush - "One Two Zero" (acetate)
Space Djz - "Ak 47 [Gaetek Remix]" (white label)
Surgeon - "Over Kosovo" (white label)
Ben Long - "Ergonomic 3" (white label)
Surgeon - "Over Kosovo" (white label)
Leftfield - "Phat Planet" (Higher Ground)
Surgeon - "Credence" (Dynamic Tension)
Space Djz - "Ak 47 [Inigo K Remix]" (Potential)
Russian Roulette - "Rough Trade" (High Octane)

 nodex2001  - 10
 coert  - 10
 headstrong  - 10
 matrix  - 8

 nodex2001 writes: Dave Clarke
Absolutely outstanding mix from the greatest DJ ever to touch a pair of 1210's, 10/10
[ Posted on 2003-08-08 03:50:48 ] [email]

 matrix writes:
Yep, good mix. But relentless techno is not my main musical taste, so it won't get the 10/10 from me.
[ Posted on 2005-02-10 16:55:48 ] [email]

 coert writes: probably the best mix ever to hit the airwaves
This is the ultimate techno mix. It's complete and it's finished, he should've quit after this... nah not really

Choice of records 10/10, Mixing technique 10/10, Tricks 10/10.
[ Posted on 2005-06-24 01:36:20 ]

 Gareth Chav writes:
Superb mix!!!
[ Posted on 2006-10-23 17:48:02 ] [email]

 headstrong writes: so beautiful mindburn!!!
1 Drexciya Intro: Temple Of Dos De Aqua Neptune's Liar Tresor (Tresor 129)
2 Riuichi Sakamoto The End Of Europe B-2 Unit Island Records (ILPS 9656)
3 DJ Rush Session Session Session Recordings (SESS 994003)
4 Adam Beyer Untitled (B1) Lost & Found EP Conform (CNFR 12)
5 Mike Dearborn Battle (Advent Remix) Battle (Ready For War) Majesty Recordings (MAJ 107)
6 Alan Barrat Untitled (A1) Part Deux Red Frame (RF 007)
7 Chris Mccormack The Maximalist (Space DJz Remix 1) Undercover Of Darkness Materials (MTZ 002)
8 Chris Mccormack The Maximalist (Space DJz Remix 2) Undercover Of Darkness Materials (MTZ 002)
9 Chris Mccormack The Maximalist (Space DJz Remix 1) Undercover Of Darkness Materials (MTZ 002)
10 Richie Hawtin Untitled (B1) Minus Orange Minus (Minus Orange)
11 Underworld King Of Snake (Dave Clarke Mix) King Of Snake Junior Boys Own (JBO5009806)
12 Joey Beltram Arena Arena STX Records (stx 001)
13 Technasia Cyclone Genesis Sino (SINO 01)
14 Jamie Ball Moonlight The 7 Cryptical Books Of Hsan Turning Point (Turn 001)
15 Aphrohead aka Felix Da Housecat Dave Clarke's 312 Mix In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite) Emotive Records (EM 753)
16 Jamie Ball Moonlight The 7 Cryptical Books Of Hsan Turning Point (Turn 001)
17 Underground Resistance The Seawolf The Seawolf World Power Alliance (WPA 002)
18 DJ Rush Smoke Lesson II Force Inc. Music Works (FIM 178)
19 Lighter Thief Zippo King Ahead Ifach (ifach 019)
20 Jeff Mills Tango (Performance Mix) If/Tango Purpose Maker (PM 009)
21 Russian Roulette Look'n Like A Woman Look'n Like A Woman High Octane Recordings (HOR 014)
22 DJ Funk Run (UK Extended Mix) Ghetto Tek '2000' Pro-Jex (PROX 014)
23 Recycled Loops Six Is Nine Six Is Nine E.P Primevil (prvl 013)
24 Samuel L. Session Shakin' Bootsy Shakin' Bootsy E.P. Primevil (prvl 013)
25 G-Force vs. D-Selector Vigo 1800 Miles EP Zync (ZYNC 08)
26 Oliver Ho Untitled (A1) Awakening The Sentient Blueprint (BP 014)
27 Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson At The Post Miss Strict Punish (Punish 03)
28 Defenders Of The Ghetto My God (Vocal) Hope EP Black Nation Records (BNR 330)
29 The Aztec Mystic Jaguar Knights Of The Jaguar EP Underground Resistance (UR 049)
29 Detroit Grand Pubahs Sandwiches The Mad Circus E.P. Throw (tho 1003)
30 The Hacker At Night A Strange Day EP UMF (UMF 05)
31 Anthony Rother Don't Stop The Beat (Full Audio Version) Don't Stop The Beat Psi49net (Psy49 3)
32 X-Ile Color Blind (Dub Mix) I Wanna Direct Beat (DB4W 039)
33 Di'jital 360 Degrees 360 Degrees Direct Beat (DB4W 047)
34 Keith Tucker Speaker Worshipping (Vocal) Speaker Worshipping EP Dreamhunter (DH K011K)
35 Aaron Carl Down (Electro Mix) Down Metroplex (M 035)
36 DreBrown Rejuvenated Rhythm (Mix 1) Seductions Of Technology Direct Beat (DB4W 047)
37 Mr. Velcro Fastener Assassins Which Scenario? i220 (J 220)
38 Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400 (Dave Clarke Remix) Kernkraft 400 Data Records (DATA 11T)
39 DJ Hyperactive Reptilian Tank Don't Panic Contact (CON 1012)
40 DJ Bold Lunch Cutters Supermarket Dirties High Octane Recordings (HOR 013)
41 DJ Rush Untitled (A1) One Two Zero Pro-Jex (PROXPRO 1)
42 Space DJz AK-47 (Gaetek Remix) AK-47 Remixes Potential (POT 006)
43 Surgeon Over Kosovo Techcommunity 4 Kosovo Phuture Trax (4KLP 001)
44 Ben Long Loop 3 Ergonomix Part 1 Ergonomix (ERGO-PART 1)
45 Surgeon Over Kosovo Techcommunity 4 Kosovo Phuture Trax (4KLP 001)
46 Leftfield Phat Planet (Dave Clarke Remix) Afrika Shox Hard Hands (HAND 57TP)
47 Surgeon Untitled (A2) Credence Dynamic Tension Records (DTR 004)
49 Russian Roulette Rough Trade Look'n Like A Woman High Octane Recordings (HOR 014)
[ Posted on 2010-05-29 13:13:35 ]

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