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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Sasha & Digweed @ Miami WMC Broadcasted on Sunday 7th April, 2002

John Digweed
TiJuana - Groove is in the air (Moonface Unreleased Mix)[Bedrock]
The Low End Specialist - Smoked Piece [White]
Tom Mengen - Chutney(Bedrock Edit) [White]
Moby - We are all made of stars (Timo Maas Dub Mix)[Mute]
Yunus - Lullaby (White)
Samuel Flash - Chilling Moments [Bedrock]
Samuel Flash - Chilling Moments (Bedrock Dub) [Bedrock]
Yunus - Red Pilot (White)
Adam Dived - Headfirst (On The B Side Of ‘Into Being) [White]
Solid Sessions - Janeiro (James Holden Mix) [Positiva]
James Holden - Nothing [White]
Deceptions - Eastern Promise [White]
Chimera - Just wanna do my thing (Original Mix) [Silver Planet]
Moby - We are all made of stars (Timo Maas Dub Mix)[Mute]
Nosmo Vs Krispy - One for the road (EggPlant Music)
Flash - Hazy March (White)

 bigmouth  - 10
 shoayb_makda  - 10
 arno999  - 10
 rhdinah  - 10
 Hybrid  - 10
 Mux  - 10
 wearthefoxhat  - 10
 kilbanro  - 10
 TokyoLA  - 10
 black  - 10
 Talla  - 10
 JasonB  - 9
 LateNite  - 9
 jon_scott_1  - 9
 Absinthe  - 9
 Neil1jnr  - 9
 seeker  - 8
 lumiere  - 8
 matrix  - 7
 mingah  - 7
 shauno  - 7

 black writes: da fuck..
expect a lot get even more.. dear god, im probably never going to stop listening to this essential mix.. never ever never... ever.. da fuckking never..

digweed blew me away, and then sasha blew me away even more dear god..

this thing left such a footprint in my mind for gods sake.. straight up into the rotation, alongside nick warren from last year, tiesto also, anne savage...

really true listenable essential mixes, and this one has to win the emix of the year (or will radio1 surprise us with something even better?)...

now i need to get a mp3 cd player so i can play this anytime, anywhere (all the time, everywhere)

hats down to sasha and diggers
[ Posted on 2002-04-10 19:29:04 ] [homepage] [email]

 Absinthe writes:
this is one of the best essential mixes ever aired !
[ Posted on 2002-05-08 09:30:06 ] [homepage] [email]

 black writes: heheh:)
like i said, i'm still listening to this one, and already a good month gone.. buzz buzzzzz ) ownage.
[ Posted on 2002-05-16 15:37:23 ] [homepage] [email]

 seeker writes: respect
i'm not usually too impressed with straight 'progressive' house, but these guys deserve the respect they get.

this mix captures the feel of their 'delta heavy' show pretty well. pumping tribal tunes that can trip you out and lift you up.

i'll be listening to this mix for quite some time.
[ Posted on 2002-05-20 23:49:35 ] [email]

 rhdinah writes: Sasha & Digweed @ Miami 07-04-2002
Really great house content - I especially enjoyed the Samuel Flash - Chiiling Moments and the Flash - Hazy March. Also the Chimera was very interesting - dubly reminiscent of an older Moby tune - so the Moby follow on made it even more so...
[ Posted on 2002-11-16 23:00:18 ] [email]

 half_brick8 writes: Smexellent
Damn fine essential mix, definititly get the Half_brick seal of approval.
Only one problem though, on the tracklist above it has James Holden - Nothing, they never played that. Instead they played Main element - Take me down (Dunno what mix it doesnt quite sound like the original). Actually theres possibly another problem, some mix of Way Out West's Everytime happens around 35mins into this mix but I dont see it on the list, maybe it was just an accappella? Someone correct me if I am wrong.
[ Posted on 2002-12-10 09:51:21 ]

 half_brick8 writes: oops
*I meant lustral's everytime.
[ Posted on 2002-12-11 11:53:00 ]

 jon_scott_1 writes: Essential Mix of the Year
This is probably my favourite sasha & digweed essential mix that i have heard, at first i wondered why they would play "moby - we're all made of stars (timo maas dub)" in each of their independent sets, but when i heard the track i found out why...its gooood dont expect sugary trance here, this is some damn fine progressive house and underground trance here...the good stuff i wish oakey would take a listen to this mix...and learn a few things from it!!!
[ Posted on 2003-02-01 12:55:13 ] [email]

 dersuuzala writes:
Yunus - Lullaby (White) =
Lustral - Everytime (Yunus Remix) (Lost Language)

I have this habit where i start the mix at that track, and move through both mixes of chilling moments and stop.

Loved this mix when I first heard it, but after some time, and listening to some other S & D sets (Specifically their four disc fall tour 2001 set which is floating around various file sharing networks), I understand why a lot of people were talking smack about this set. They use a lot of big tunes, but that's to be expected - they were in a damn arena!
[ Posted on 2003-10-28 07:54:08 ]

 shoayb_makda writes: too damn good!!
it is now over two years since sasha and digweed did this set and i have not still put it down.awesome set.i truly believe this set is better than their renaissance one played a month ago.
[ Posted on 2004-06-25 02:01:42 ]

 matrix writes:
I've tried to get on with this mix several times now and my reaction is always the same - although it's excellent in places (wow at about 50 mins onwards) it remains an uneven experience. btw, I'm a great fan of these two, I just don't get the enjoyment from this mix.
[ Posted on 2005-04-14 16:52:33 ] [email]

 JasonB writes:
Adam Dived - Headfirst (On The B Side Of �Into Being) [White]

It's the B-Side to "Into Sea" which came out on Platipus.

A great two hours. enjoyed Sashas mix more though.
[ Posted on 2005-06-09 22:29:36 ] [homepage] [email]

 kilbanro writes: Ace
Dont wanna sound girly but this is a beautiful mix.
[ Posted on 2007-05-08 00:22:09 ]

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