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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

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Derrick Carter Broadcasted on Sunday 19th May, 2002

Raphael Saddiq feat D'Angelo - 'Be Here (Accapella)' (Universal)
The G.B. Experience - 'Gotta Have it (Stack Kidd Remix)' (Tilted)
Mustafa - 'Sambando' (Onda Unda)
Jasper St. Company - 'Lift Every Voice (Mousse T. Remix)' (Basement Boys)
Earth Wind & Fire vs The Nightflight Boys (White label)
Bibi Macumba - 'Walele' (Africanism/Yellow)
Faith Evans - 'You Gets No Love' (Bad Boy)
John Ciafone - 'Mojito' (Boombastic)
Cricco Castelli - 'Salsa Piccante' (Moody)
Bebel Gilberto - 'So Nice (Summer Samba) (DC Remix)' (East West)
Lance DeSardi & Eric Cameron - 'Get In To Me' (Lowdown)
Tony Senghore feat Freeda - 'Hey Chica (DC Remix)' (Moody)
Brett Johnson - 'Trippin' (Acetate)
Greens Keepers - 'Gan Slam' (Moody)
Blaze feat. Palmer Brown - 'Do you Remember House?' (Slip N Slide)
X-Press 2 feat. David Byrne - 'Lazy (Accapella)' (Skint)
Kevin Saunderson - 'The Groove That Won't Stop' (Kool Kat)
Halo & Justin Long - 'Songs from the Time Before' (Siesta)
Koke & Korrin - 'Mouthbang' (Igloo)
Mike Dixon - '2 Some Swing' (G Swing)
Original Black Man's Band - 'The Casbah' (Basement Boys)
Mike Dixon - 'U Ain't It' (G Swing)
Derrick L. Carter - 'Squaredancing In A Roundhouse' (Classic)
Basement Jaxx - 'Automatic' (White Label)
Aphrohead - 'Cry Baby (Bobby Peru Remix)' (Credence)
Pound Boys - 'Express Betty' (Look At You)
Terrence Trent D'Arby - 'Dance Little Sister (House Remix)' (White Label)
Long Weekend - 'Light Lunch' (Drop Music)
D.J. Rhythm - 'Now Dig' (Camouflage)

 DJ TOMMY  - 10
 MT  - 10
 helix  - 9
 Origen  - 8
 seeker  - 7
 mute_aux  - 7
 arno999  - 7
 lumiere  - 7

 Origen writes: good chit.
Derrick Carter didn't disappoint with this one. Good chicago house style... quality tune selection (with the exception of the played out 'Lazy'.. how many times will this make it on the E-mix??)

Glad to hear some quality U.S. house on Radio 1.
[ Posted on 2002-05-21 03:57:18 ] [email]

 seeker writes: a good one
nothing really surprising here. carter gives what you'd expect: funky house with some vocal bits. a little bit deep, but never losing the pace. better than the roger sanchez mix a couple of weeks ago.

nice summertime house music.
[ Posted on 2002-05-23 01:17:00 ] [email]

 Styarc writes: i agree
I havent had to chance to hear the full Derrick Carter mix, but I agree with seeker. Seems to have a lot more going for it than the Roger Sanchez mix.
[ Posted on 2002-05-24 23:03:32 ] [email]

 paulcee writes: Incorrect tracklisting
Not to sure whats going on here but some of the tracks listed are incorrect and quite a few have been left out.
[ Posted on 2002-06-13 03:48:28 ]

 seeker writes: typical
hey paulcee,

sounds like a typical Radio 1 SNAFU. the tracklistings posted there (which are thence copied here) are quite often incomplete, incorrectly ordered, or just plain wrong.

you can't really fault black et al. the problem originates futher upstream, either with the djs themselves, or the folks at the BBC.
[ Posted on 2002-06-23 01:55:37 ] [email]

 mute_aux writes: derrick
not bad mix. but and nothing special. i heard and more better mixes. 7 points
[ Posted on 2002-07-01 02:04:05 ] [homepage]

 el mariachi writes: Tracklistings
just because they're wrong on the BBC site doesnt mean that they have to be wrong here ...
[ Posted on 2003-07-07 23:41:08 ] [email]

 kinetik writes: Track name
Does anyone know the name of the funky track with opera-style vocals @ 25:00.

Tried to find it through the tracklistings, but it does not seem to be any of the ones listed.
[ Posted on 2004-03-09 13:06:28 ]

 ninabebop writes: Help with this mix

I'm a bad boy and downloaded this mix, but like everyone else I'm so confused about the tracklisting, that I think it might be another essential mix from another year.
Can anyone verify that towards the end, there seems to be a Destiny's Child remix with the lyrics bug-a-boo? And another song with the lyrics "somone been in your bank book"?

[ Posted on 2004-03-11 20:14:02 ]

Anyone found out the correct tracklisting for this yet? it has been infuriating me for months, trying to find the tunes from this mix! I'm particulary after the track he plays the destiny's child bugaboo vocal over. any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
[ Posted on 2004-11-24 13:41:58 ] [email]

 melgaardian writes:
The story with this was that the BBC or somethin lost the mix that this tracklist is for n this was a totally different mix! the tune that the bugaboo acapella is over is Underground Culture Tourist - Jackin' the Jazz on Classic, delted but best try eBay!
[ Posted on 2005-06-30 15:38:18 ]

 jamieboy writes: track listing
does anybody know the name of the track on the essential mix just over an hour in. it's a fast jazzy number with trumpets in it, some three of 4 behind the bug-a-boo vocal track that some have been after, which is on classic. there are quite a few tracks played on the is emix which appear on his live emix a year earlier live in chicago at red 5 but none are listed on this so i can only assume they are all wrong on this? please help
[ Posted on 2007-11-14 13:28:35 ] [email]

 MT writes:
kinetik writes: Track name
Does anyone know the name of the funky track with opera-style vocals @ 25:00.

Tried to find it through the tracklistings, but it does not seem to be any of the ones listed.

Jill Scott - He Loves Me

I think this is one of my all time favourite mixes, it's amazing!
[ Posted on 2009-12-28 17:10:24 ]

 sissil writes:
00:00 - DJ Rhythm - Utopian Jazz Project Part 1 - Camouflage
01:25 - St. Germain. - Rose Rouge [Blaze Mix] - Blue Note
06:15 - Unknown
10:40 - Luca Ricci - Deep Inside - EIII
15:30 - Louis Botella - Chinese Pleasures - Classic
20:45 - Jephte Guillaume - The Prayer [Acapella] - Spiritual Life
24:15 - Unknown
28:40 - Jill Scott - He Loves Me 'Lyzel in E Flat' [Chris Lum & Jay-J Mix] - White
32:15 - Unknown
37:15 - Swirl People - We Are - Seasons
42:10 - E-Smoove -The Guitar - Henry Street Music
44:16 - C & C Music Factory - Music is My Life [Acapella] - ?
48:55 - Fred Nasen - Sunday Visitor (not sure) - Visitor
51:50 - Unknown
56:23 - Unknown
58:35 - Unknown
61:43 - Zero dB - The Snare - Fluid Ounce
65:10 - Jameshed - Woman And Whiskey - Touché
70:00 - Dj Bang - Dj Bang Make You Jiu-jitsu - Classic
72:20 - Underground Culture Tourist - Jackin' The Jazz - Classic
74:50 - Destiny's Child - Bug-a-Boo [Acapella] - ?
78:40 - Pound Boys feat. Rashaan Houston - Be With You - Look At You
82:35 - Unknown
85:17 - Moloko - Sing It Back [Mousse T's ifeellovedub] - Echo
90:22 - Unknown
92:33 - Soul Vision - Don't Hold Back - Central Park
96:30 - Unknown
97:40 - Soul Vision - Don't Hold Back (Vocal) - Central Park
101:55 - Induceve - Jazz Chops - Classic
107:55 - Disco-Tex - I Need A House Party - Disco Tex
112:30 - 4:20 - The Funky Track - Classic
115:28 - Senghore & Jonene : Dem bitz [ Undercover Agency Mix] - Safe In Sound
117:50 -Studio 54 - Catch Da Big Ones - BCC music
[ Posted on 2010-08-09 11:21:49 ] [email]

 Neme writes:
sissil, that is amazing, thanks a LOT for that list! Any idea what the track at 96:30 could be? It's based on Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh, I Love It.
[ Posted on 2011-05-12 23:50:42 ]

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