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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Snap Broadcasted on Saturday 1st January, 1994

Substance - “Urban Sea”
Java 1 - “Cosmos”,
Renegade Legion - “Weeping Waste”,
Virtual Symmetry - “The Discovered Theme”,
Brainchild - “Hypnotic Shuffle”
16 BIT - “Where Are You?”,
Sweep Featuring Linda Carriere - “Running Up That Hill”,
Abfahrt - “Alone (It’s Me)”
Newcleus - “Automan”.
Andromeda - “Trip To Space”
Cosmic Baby - “Loops Of Insanity”,
Michael Shrieve - “Transfer Station Blue”,
BPM-AM - “Come To Me”,
Progressive Trance - “Mentyl”,
Godley & Creme - “Strange Apparatus”,
Rebel Youth - “What Is Soul”,
Goya - “Goyatribe”,
Brainchild - “Synfonica”,
Logic - “Unit”,
G.O.L. - “Soma Holiday”.

 leg  - 10
 phil6875  - 10
 serp  - 10
 hypnotic  - 10
 trainspotter  - 9
 TheNorth  - 9
 Matt  - 9
 Mike Zomer  - 9
 matrix  - 7

 trainspotter writes:
Believe it or not - this mix is excellent - more like Oakie's Goa mix than their chart stuff.
[ Posted on 2003-04-10 01:35:27 ] [email]

 phil6875 writes: Fantastic Mix
This is a superb mix, the first real Trance EM. very underrated and IMHO as good as the March or Dec Oakenfold EMs. Also it features one of the best ever Techno/Trance tracks of all time - Renegade legion - 'Weeping Waste'.
[ Posted on 2004-01-16 13:53:12 ] [email]

 TheNorth writes:
I like this mix, good tune selection. Not a great deal of mixing going on but it still gets a good rating from me.
[ Posted on 2004-01-27 16:49:46 ]

 serp writes:
Great emix, no mix going on at all really but the track selection is pretty interesting. I love love love "Abfahrt - Alone (Its Me)" track from this mix, its dark and low BPMs and it just reminds me of sitting in dark rooms, awesome . A track worthy of a good remixing today i reckon!
[ Posted on 2004-08-19 16:07:12 ] [email]

 [icon] writes:
haven't heard it, but would love a copy of it. can u help? Weeping waste is one of my favourite tracks, also appering on Bitter & Twisted by Blu Peter & Mrs Wood (excellent mix on react), hunting this down...
[ Posted on 2004-08-19 18:50:44 ] [email]

 Matt writes:
Seeing Snap on an essential mix listing may come as a surprise but this set is fantastic. Some fresher trancey sounds sets this mix apart from others of the year. The pace builds and breaks down, and you don't quite no what to expect next! Very little mixing and its hard to see a plan/structure but the amount of quality tracks on offer more than makeS up for this.
[ Posted on 2005-11-30 21:28:03 ]

 Mike Zomer writes:
The start is kinda bad, but than it really is a great ride. Maybe it's just the memories lived again by listening to so many classics, but i also believe this is a pretty hot mix!
[ Posted on 2006-04-15 11:30:19 ]

 hypnotic writes: Not a surprise
I see some of you are a bit surprised with this kind of mix from Snap, but its not a surprise at all, they were into trance music very much, they were the masters of hip-trance.

huge r.e.s.p.e.c.t. for them and all true trancers.
[ Posted on 2006-10-02 16:28:29 ] [email]

 weezaqueen writes: Snap
Remember listening to this mix originally back in 94. Can anyone advise where I can find to listen too?? Weez
[ Posted on 2007-01-07 18:22:56 ]

 jwb333 writes:
anyone wanting to download this or any other essential mix can get them at freshly mixed. shit-hot site. all the em's and loads of other quality stuff for a few $'S
[ Posted on 2007-02-17 22:50:44 ] [email]

 colinbennett writes: Last track.
Does anyone know the name of the last track from the actual broadcast?

It's NOT Soma Holiday. There's one more gorgeous trance track and I've been trying to ID it for nearly 15 years. Listen to it here...
[ Posted on 2009-05-23 06:58:02 ]

 colinbennett writes: Last track (update)
A little update from my last post. Thanks to matteo at I've found out that the very last track is called 'Deep Star' by Rebel Youth. Hope this helps someone else.
[ Posted on 2009-05-23 21:08:04 ]

 orlando writes: Great mix
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[ Posted on 2009-08-05 08:41:39 ] [email]

 Dave Cooper writes: The last track
I havea copy of the last track on vynal.
It's rebel youth 2, dark star on ongaku records Germany.
[ Posted on 2010-01-23 15:39:35 ] [email]

 alice writes:
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