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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Ashley Casselle Broadcasted on Sunday 12th January, 2003

Africian Head Charge - 'My God (trackapella)' (on u sound)
Africian Head Charge - 'Ethiopian Praises (trackapella)'
Philip Glass - 'The Light (trackapella)' (Nonesuch Records)
The Jahlights - 'Right Road to Jahlight (edit)' (Trojan Records)
Kieservelten - 'Dubolition' (G-stone)
Subtech - 'Southern Chill (trackapella)' (Dubtech)
Osmosis - 'Jungle Freak' (Finger Lickin')
M.A.N.D.Y. - 'Put Put Put' (Physical)
Spoon Wizard - 'Pantaloon (stabilizer mix)' (Functional Breaks)
Saint Ettiene vs. Faze Action - 'Sylvie (Bonus Tickle Mix)'
Bandulu - 'Phase In' (Infonet Records)
Kinobe - 'Butterfly (swag Falling Further Dub)' (Zomba)
Erro - 'Change For Me (joey negro Akabuku dub)' (Z - Records)
George T presents - 'itz heaven (hippe and tony's mendocino's melody mix)'
Cutlab - 'Loud Kissin (asad Rizvi's Silverlining Smooch Mix)' (Big Chief)
Casselle and Christopher - 'Midnight Sun (accapella)' (Fuju)
angel Moraes - 'Tribal Function (trackapella)' (Dot Dot Dot records)
Voice Stealer - 'We Suspect (trackapella)' (Mass Transit)
Pete Heller and Tedd Patterson present The Look and Feel - 'Big Room Drama'
Proper Filthy Naughty - 'To the Beat (the light mix)' (White Label)
Nick K - '80's Bam' (White Label)
Julez - 'My Groove (Ali Wells remix)' (Premier Sounds)
Soul of Man - 'The Drum' (Finger Lickin)
Soul Oddysey - 'Rapture (trackapella)' (Rumour Records)
Loco - 'Eighty Ten (oliver klein and baggy bukaddor breaks mix)'
Rock - 'Resistance (tonemeister breakbeat mix)' (Inverus)
Jay Burnett - 'Rock the resistance (trackapella)' (CDR)
Lo Step - 'Burma' (Quad Communications)
Jon Carter - 'Humanism (Valentino Kanzayani remix)'
Cari Lekebusch - 'Head Up' (Audio Mekanixc.)
Helicpoter - 'On Ya Way (Trackapella)' (Tic Tac Toe Records.)
Ashtrax - 'Helsinki Revisited' (Deviant)
Planet Funk - 'Inside All The People (Harvey's Sleepy in Ibiza Mix)'
Nik Boulton - 'Adaptation from Alice in Wonderland' (CDR)
Tosca - 'Ambient Emily' (G-Stone)
Ashtrax - 'Play it Rosa' (Ashtrax)
Maurice and Noble feat. Jane Hadley - 'faith Delivers (ashtrax breaks mix)'
Guise - 'Voodoo Glow' (White Label)

 LateNite  - 10
 alberp  - 10
 Nedwed  - 10
 mhunkantonio  - 10
 brankia45  - 10
 dbsmoker  - 10
 superjerry  - 10
 Malacoda  - 10
 Innersoul  - 9
 fresh  - 9
 lickety_split  - 9
 arno999  - 9
 matrix  - 8
 Desyn  - 8
 lumiere  - 6

 pimpdaddy writes: It was the Audio Bullys
Audio Bullys

Unknown - 'unknown' (white label)
lamb - 'gabriel (mj cole remix)' (white label)
rub - 'who said that' (MFF)
shakedown - 'at night (kid cream mix)' (defected)
Jason Hodges - 'ear level' (oomph)
kid Kreme - 'hypnotising' (positiva)
audio bullys - 'real life' (source)
LP Project - 'unknown (hawk dawson remix) ' (Beatiful)
wink - 'freak' (ovum)
josh one - 'contemplation (king britt mix)' (1 off/prolifica)
range of motion feat tanja dixon - 'what u need (winx beats)' (ovum)
natural rhythm - 'find your replay' (double down)
affcionados - 'bad bitch (acapella)' (missdemeanours)
looseheads - 'like this (dub)' (prolifica)
audio bullys - 'ego war' (source)
unknown - 'blown to bitz' (white label)
inland kights pres mud substance - 'rack me up' (drop music)
dj sneak - 'fix my sink' (credence)
audio bullys - 'unknown' (white label)
funkrule supreme - 'voodooz' (white label)
audio bullys - 'the beggining' (white label)
coloursound - 'fly with me' (city rockers)
DJ sneak - 'Disco Breaks' (strictly rhythm)
The crumpster - 'stomp your feet' (subliminal)
chemical brothers - 'star guitar' (virgin)
whiplash - 'ghetto tears' (loaded)
audio bullys - 'the snow' (white label)
natural rhythm - 'we all got soul' (vista)
paul bateman - 'love theme from the godfarther' (silva screen)
method man - 'how high (bootleg mix)' (white label)
Ian pooley - 'quattro' (nrk)
De La Soul - 'a rollerskating jam called saturday' (tommy Boy)
Tiefschwarz - 'never (dub)' (classic)
ludacris - 'saturaday (oooh! oohh!)' (def jam)
eric sermon - 'react' (j records)
missy elliot - 'bring the pain feat method man' (east west)
odb - 'got your money' (east west)
N.O.R.E. - 'nothing' (def jam)
xibit - 'multiply' (epic)
audio bullys - 'youth explosion' (white label)
eminem - 'the real slim shady' (interscope)
christine aguilera - 'dirrty (instrumental mix)' (RCA)
D Mon - 'Lil Fuck' (2000ST)
[ Posted on 2003-01-11 22:15:48 ]

 fresh writes:
Very nice mix. Nice build-up from very slow chill-out to firm club/tribal stuff. A nice cool-down as well. Very solid mixing and nice tracks. My favorite is Kinobe - Butterfly around 25 minutes in the mix... This will be played more often by me!
[ Posted on 2003-01-13 15:23:23 ] [email]

 Nedwed writes: This is very good Essential....
It is one of the best for me.Probably 2nd place.
Amazing tracks in it. Very good mixing.
My favourite E-mix is still Nick Warren's from 2001 year.This mix rules !!!! Enjoy! Greetings......
[ Posted on 2003-08-10 21:32:05 ] [email]

 brankia45 writes: Sweeet
Nice one! Varied and very nicely put together. Excellent tracklist and Ashley keeps the flow going very nicely along the whole mix.
[ Posted on 2003-09-08 19:12:56 ]

 serp writes:
Excellent studio mix, not sure if this was really done on the fly or if he re-edited in the studio. Excellent tracks and really flows quite well. Prog favourite of 2003.
[ Posted on 2004-06-02 08:11:28 ] [email]

 dbsmoker writes: VERY NICE MIX!!!
I love this mix, listen to it at work all the time! Love the buildup! Great music and great mixing! Made my trip up to the mountains even better! I WANT MORE ASHLEY!!!
[ Posted on 2004-07-22 19:50:10 ] [email]

 LateNite writes: wowie zowie
I've been putting off this mix for a while. And now I'm kickin myself.

Starts off chilled and subtle, to the max. You just know somethin big is comin. The bangin' house and breaks kick in, and your just left bobbin' your head. And it just don't stop. This is a ride and a half folks. As a bonus, you finish up with some "come down" house trax that don't leave you right wrecked when the beats stop.

[ Posted on 2004-09-19 23:31:26 ] [email]

 Malacoda writes: Damn you Ashley
God damnit. Will someone please buy this man a cigar? He just lays down one solid track after another with no intention of quitting.

Stunning buildup. Utterly flawless transitions. So many subtle touches and an excellent tracklist. The mix gets 10 just for introducing me to the amazing "Burma".

First 10 mins or so belies the rest of the mix entirely. It's some seriously sticky dub, leading effortlessly to Kieser Velten's "Dubolition" -- such a dope track -- which ramps perfectly into the faster stuff. (Hard to believe that the only other DJ to drop G-Stone material in an EM is Dorfmeister himself.)

So many damn highlights. The true stunner for me comes at the end as the mix drops seamlessly in tempo from his "Helsinki" remix into spacey oblivion, followed by the evil Alice in Wonderland voiceover, combined with the Planet Funk remix AND "Ambient Emily" -- all this mixed together brilliantly .. and THEN .. pure sonic bliss with "Play it Rosa," which GU is *finally* releasing in spring 2005..

Lots of serendipity in this one my friends. This has gradually become the standard to which I compare all other mixes.
[ Posted on 2005-03-06 09:29:07 ]

 djRaz writes: WOW!!!
Just listening to this mix again on my minidisc and all i can say is WOW!!!

My fav bits are:

- the first 10mins
- Saint Ettiene vs. Faze Action - 'Sylvie
- Bandulu - 'Phase In'
- Kinobe - 'Butterfly'
- Ashtrax - 'Play it Rosa'
- Guise - 'Voodoo Glow'

Still going strong in y2k5

Good job Casselle!
[ Posted on 2005-03-27 19:01:37 ]

 matrix writes:
It's all been said above - very well planned out. 8.5/10.
[ Posted on 2005-06-29 12:26:23 ] [email]

 Malacoda writes: That last track
Surprised no one's mentioned this. I dunno about this "Guise - Voodoo Glow" nonsense -- the track is actually a remix of A Guy Called Gerald's classic "Voodoo Ray." It's not one that I've heard though, so I haven't been able to figure it out. Any help on this would be appreciated.
[ Posted on 2005-09-23 08:39:20 ]

 Moonraker writes: Thanks Malacoda
I've been trying to find the name of that track ever since ashley dropped it on this essential mix.
[ Posted on 2007-05-21 00:02:43 ] [email]

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