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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

The page is updated by atleast a few people, so it is always up to date.
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Sasha Broadcasted on Saturday 25th November, 1995

Phoenix - "Rise Up" (Solid Silver)
Alcatraz - "Giv Me Your Love" (Yoshitoshi)
Angel Moraes - "Heaven Knows" (EBU)
Simply Red - "Remembering The First Time" (East West)
Sasha & BT - "Oat" (acetate)
Castle Trancelot - "Resonance" (acetate)
Jayn - "untitled" (VC)

 j9bms  - 10
 farnesbarnes  - 10
 bozobalbo  - 10

 j9bms writes:
First time I'd seen Sasha live and I was there when he dropped "Pheonix :Rise up" as his first record of the night, nuff said, an amazing f***ing tune. The mixing is exceptional in this live mix and it includes alot of past faves.
[ Posted on 2004-05-05 22:36:55 ]

 serp writes:
Is this the correct tracklisting? only 7 tracks in 66 minutes?
[ Posted on 2004-06-02 08:45:23 ] [email]

 farnesbarnes writes: Class
Phoenix Rise Up - spot on, top tune.

Gimme Luv, Resonance, Heart of Imagination...

Love it.
[ Posted on 2005-02-20 22:43:08 ] [email]

 farnesbarnes writes: freshlymixed
Excellent quality recording, but a bit fast? Faster than I remember...
[ Posted on 2005-03-07 22:57:18 ] [email]

 CheefRoberts writes: Editted tracklisitngs and more!
Hello Serp

Yes, he only plays 7 tracks in this mix as 1995 and 1996 were the years of EPIC HOUSE, a kind of long variant of progressive house that the likes of Sasha, John Digweed and Dave Seaman were churning out. Blue Amazon were probably the innovators of the scene, with nearly ever track they made being 15 minutes long! Sasha did a lot of these sets back then around this time, with his mix on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix CD compilation having only 4 tracks on it in 45 minutes, were as the other jocks featured (Tong, Cox and Oaky) played a lot more.

As far as the track listings go it is near enough spot on. However, there are a few alterations and editions:

Track 3 is HEAVEN KNOWS - DEEP DEEP DOWN by Angel Moraes and it is the "GALVATRON DUB - THE VTH (5th) COLUMN" mix that is played and was licensed to Tong's FFrr London label. The people behind the mix are Phil Faversham and Stuart Douglas.

Track 4 is the A&G Division's THE GREAT DIVIDE DUB and was only released as a double pack promo on East West/Warner Music records back in 1995. The A&G Division FULL TESTAMENT MIX was released but is not as good as the dub.

Track 5 is the flip side track to Sasha & Marie’s BE AS ONE. It is called HEART OF IMAGINATION and it is made by Sasha & BT. It is one of my favourite tracks of all time and it is on Deconstruction Records.

Track 6 is on the UK's SLATE record label with a flip side track called Cjhina Zones. The artist is written down as Castle Trancelott II.

Track 7 is the Blue Amazon BLUE WAVE DUB of LOVELIGHT (RIDE ON A LOVE TRAIN) by JAYN HANNA and it can be found on VC Records. Make sure you look for the cover that states BLUE AMAZON REMIXES if you search for it as there is another release that features mixes that are far in superior.

Hope this all helps!

PS. Does any body know if the UNTITLED track on Sasha’s Saturday 4th November, 1995 mix (track 7) was ever titled, and if any body knows what label it was released on and it I can get hold of it? THANKS!
[ Posted on 2005-03-11 08:59:14 ]

 brady writes: in reply
Quote:- PS. Does any body know if the UNTITLED track on Sasha’s Saturday 4th November, 1995 mix (track 7) was ever titled, and if any body knows what label it was released on and it I can get hold of it? THANKS!

7. Fade - Seperation (Fade Records)
[ Posted on 2005-03-19 23:45:01 ] [homepage] [email]

 seandelier writes:
Quote : Excellent quality recording, but a bit fast? Faster than I remember...

This is the right speed, faster than most of his sets of the time

I have the original recording from the radio
[ Posted on 2005-04-05 19:25:54 ]

 bozobalbo writes: correct tracklisting
this was a 2 hour set. Full track list:

BT - "Trippin" (Perfecto)
New Order - "Blue Monday" (FFrr)
Spicelab - "We got Spice" (Harthouses)
Peter Lazonby - "Sacred Cycles" (Brainiak)
Dum dum - "To The Rhythm of Love" (Whoop)
Up Yer Ronson - "Lost in Love" (Hi-Life)
Hal 9000 - "Stoopid" (Fresh)
BT - "Divinity" (Perfecto)
Blue Amazon - "Star of David" (Jackpot)
Mozaic - "Sing Hallelujah" (acetate)
BT/Quat - "untitled" (deConstruction)
Billy Ray Martin - "Put Your Lovin Arms" (East West)
Shiva - "Freedom" (ffrr)
BT - "Loving You More" (Perfecto)
[ Posted on 2007-02-25 19:31:42 ]

 bozobalbo writes:
^ ignore me - wrong EM
[ Posted on 2007-02-25 19:32:53 ]

 fat eddie writes: help
I just found out the is no longer distributing mixes. Does anyone know where I can get hold of this mix. I did have a recording but it was stolen from my car.
[ Posted on 2007-05-07 10:20:03 ]

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