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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

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King Unique Broadcasted on Sunday 31st October, 2004

King Unique Intro
Annie - 'Chewing Gum' [Mylo Remix] (679 Records)
Kano - 'It's A War' [Serge Santiago And Tom Neville Remix] (White Label)
Justus Kohncke - 'Timecode' [King Unique Re-Edit] (Kompakt)
Dirt Crew - '808 Lazerbeam' (Mood Music)
Phonique - 'The Red Dress' [Tiefschwarz Remix] (Dessous)
Prodigy - 'The Way It Is' (XL)
Mylo - 'In My Arms' [King Unique Re-Edit] (Breastfed)
The Martini Brothers/The Human League - 'Big And Dirty' [Tiga Remix]/'The Things That Dreams Are Made Of' [King Unique's Medley Mix] (Turbo/Emi)
Tiga - 'Pleasure From The Bass' (Pias)
Tears For Fears - 'Mad World' (Polygram)
Lil Louis - 'French Kiss' (Diamond)
Steve Bug - 'Houze' (Ovum)
DJ T - 'Robot Riot' (20/20 Vision)
Scissor Sisters - 'Mary' [Mylo Remix] (Polydor)
Dirty Vegas - 'Walk Into The Sun' [King Unique VIP Dirty Dub Re-Edit] (Parlophone)
Peace Division - 'What Is That Sound' [Accapella] (Nrk)
God's Uncle / Robert Armani - 'Overclockers' / 'Circus Bells' [Hardfloor Remix] / 'King Unique Mashup' (Bustin Loose) / (Djax Up Beats)
Chemical Brothers - 'Electronic Battle Weapon 7' (Virgin)
Pixeltan - 'Get Up' (DFA / Virgin)
Tangerine Dream - 'Love On A Real Train' (Silva Screen)
LCD Soundsystem - 'Losing My Edge' (White)
Frankie Knuckles - 'Your Love' (Trax)
The Juan Maclean - 'By The Time I Get To Venus' [DFA Remix] (DFA)
Jeans Team - 'Keine Melodien' (Kitty Yo)
King Unique - 'Slow Mow' (Junior)
Depeche Mode - 'Enjoy The Silence' [Ewan Pearson Remix] (White)
Marco Carola - '11th Question' (Question)
New Order - 'The Beach' (Factory)
Stryke And Santos - 'Tension' (Edm Digital)
Lady B - 'Cruising Around Motor City' (Good Life)
Boom Click - 'The Slam' (Pravo)
Chable And Bonicci - 'Ride' [King Unique Remix] (Alternative Route)
Felix Da Housecat - 'Rocket Ride' [Accapella] (Emperor Norton)
Michael Gray - 'The Weekend' [Skylark Dub Mix] (Eye Industies)
Mateo Murphy - 'Meltdown' (Underwater)
Speedy J - 'Rise' (Plus 8)

 mhunkantonio  - 10
 Desyn  - 10
 zangief  - 10
 hybridfan  - 10
 superjerry  - 10
 Telekinesis  - 10
 wearthefoxhat  - 10
 UnixRo  - 10
 doad  - 10
 matrix  - 10
 y0da  - 10
 ricc101  - 9
 tactik  - 9
 LateNite  - 9
 arno999  - 9
 Mule_Rule  - 9
 dponzone  - 9
 bunker  - 9
 SQUAD  - 9
 TokyoLA  - 8
 Innersoul  - 7
 anuK  - 7
 djwerewolf  - 7
 lumiere  - 7

 Innersoul writes: Dirty Dirty!
Dirty House all the way is RIGHT! Nice mix, standout track has to be Mylo-In my arms! Damn that scotsman is putting out some tight tracks!
[ Posted on 2004-11-01 02:26:57 ] [homepage]

 tactik writes:
Excellent mix. Like their sound.
[ Posted on 2004-11-09 03:39:54 ] [email]

 LateNite writes: Big and Dirty's how they Like it!
Oh man, oh man. Dirty Dirty Dirty. I love it. A Stellar mix of electro/house. I wasn't sure what to think until that "808 Laserbeam" track kicked in and I've been hooked ever since.

[ Posted on 2004-11-19 08:14:01 ] [email]

 bunker writes:
this is my first post about an essential mix, but i said to myself this one deserves it... the unique on their name they put it in thei musique ... this is one of those rare mixes that makes you want to stand up and start djing yourself...

i agree 808 lazerbeam, couldnt find a better song to go with the rest of the tracks...

[ Posted on 2004-12-04 00:59:59 ]

 sk00by writes:
King Unique is one person, Matthew King Unique

Good mix
[ Posted on 2004-12-07 19:14:27 ] [email]

 mikeeMIA writes:
ive recently discovered King Unique..downloaded this mix and i must say i absolutley adore it!! god willing he'll be here during the conference! and i mean come on..has anyone heard the remix of The Switch...JESUS!
[ Posted on 2004-12-08 08:52:03 ] [email]

 synkboy writes:
King Unique are 2 people mate.

Matthew Roberts is the DJ.
Matt Thomas is the FX guy.
[ Posted on 2005-01-06 14:58:38 ] [email]

 matrix writes: Excellent.
Excellent, excellent mix. Can't believe I've only just listened to it for the first time.
[ Posted on 2005-01-07 15:46:29 ] [email]

 UnixRo writes: King Unique
Strong mix !!!
[ Posted on 2005-01-10 08:35:44 ] [homepage] [email]

 doad writes:
one of the best em ever imo!! this just has to be a nominee for em of the year 2005.
[ Posted on 2005-01-10 20:00:25 ]

 dponzone writes: Wow...
I am just discovering KU.
This mix blows everything, that's amazing.
It's perfectly seamless.
I was working while listening to it, and I did not even notice lots of the tracks, because of the way they are melted.
That's for me the greatest performance.
Quality speaking, I would compare this mix to Planet Funk's one on 2003-07-20.
The style also is close, but I think it's more diverse than PF (no value judgment in this).

I missed the opportunity to see KU@Queen Paris last time there were here, I wont miss them next time!
[ Posted on 2005-11-17 16:47:37 ]

 hybridfan writes:
King Unique are esponsible for some amazing remixes like

Chable & Bonnici - Ride
Mutiny - Virus
Mylo - In My Arms

This mix is awesome.
[ Posted on 2006-02-25 11:53:44 ] [homepage] [email]

 zangief writes: blow the roof off
Very righteous. Never used into be dirty house much before hearing this... but seriously, the Enjoy the Silence Mix is the freshest I've heard in a while. Very quality, very engaging, very live. Best of the year.
[ Posted on 2006-05-05 17:13:15 ] [homepage] [email]

 mhunkantonio writes:
[ Posted on 2008-11-15 12:51:02 ]

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