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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

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Tom Middleton Broadcasted on Sunday 15th May, 2005

The Sound Of The Cosmos intro
Pete More : Asteroid
20th Century Fox Fanfare
DJ Zinc : New Hope 137 (Bingo Beats Exclusive)
The Jedi Knights : Air Drums From Outer Bongolia : ULP
Switch : Abitpatchy : Promo CD
Sista Widey : Inspecta (Jimpster mix) : Freerange
Chemical Brothers : Galvanise (Half-Arsed Beats edit) : Whitelabel
Alter Ego Vs Stanton Warriors : Rocker : Promo CD
Azzido Da Bass : Doomsnight : Club Tools
Mr Oizo : Flat Beat : F comm
Hexstatic : Distorted Minds (Zero DB mix) : Ninjatune
Link and E621 : Antacid (Jedi Knights mix)
DJ Phully : Jedi's Disco : Lovefunk Exclusive
LCD Soundsystem : Disco Infiltrator
John Williams : Cantina
Jedi Knights : Dance Of The Naughty Knights : ULP
Shawn Lee : Feel The Force : Exclusive
Warp 9 : Light Years Away (Exactshit mix) : Prism
Key-matic : Breakin In Space : Radar
Bjorn Elevators : Make That Go : Promo CD
Ennio Moricone : Alla Serenita (Hakan Lidbo Cosmos Re-Edit) : Compost
Bebel Gilberto : Simplesementes (Tom Middleton Cosmos Club Vox) : Crammed Discs
Amerie : One Thing (Radio Slave mix) : Promo CD
Kerri Chandler : Bar-A-Thym : Nite Grooves
DJ Technic : Gabryelle : Defected
Daft Punk : Technologic
Delano Smith : The DJ (Jimpster mix) : Promo CD
Nu Rhythmix : Origins (Neo funk mix)
Playgroup Feat KC Flight : Front 2 Back : Defected
Shur-i-kan : I Want It : Promo CD
Random Factor feat Georg Levin : Move on (Jimpsters House Dub) 20:20
Joey Negro : Scattering Stars : ZR promo
Blaze : Precious Love (Inst) : Defected
DB Vs Tim Paris : Future Now (Paris - Lawson edit) : 20:20
Mylo Vs Cosmos : Rikki Take The Pressure (CD)
DJ Phully : Rouge Injun : Lovefunk
Milton Jackson: M (Exclusive)
Soul Mekanik : Robots : RIP
Silicone Soul : The Poisoner's Diary (Ewan Pearson Inst) : Soma
Hardfloor : Da Revival
Daft Punk : Robot Rock (Soulwax mix) : Virgin
Andre Kraml : Safari (James Holden mix) : Crosstown Rebels
Gwen Stefani : What you Waitin For (Thin White Duke Dub) : Iinterscope
Pitchblack : Freefall (Alucidnation house dub/half speed dub edit) : Pitch Black
Tomita : Star Wars Theme : RCA
Carl Sagan : The Cosmos Is All It Is
Vangelis : Heaven and Hell 3rd Movement

 Desyn  - 10
 LCD  - 10
 hazard_  - 10
 g.d.b  - 10
 nazgul  - 10
 hawuch  - 10
 Oju Hazard  - 10
 Neto  - 10
 madgoose  - 10
 kilbanro  - 10
 rogue ldr  - 10
 sdro  - 10
 slick  - 9
 mufc70  - 9
 phoenix  - 9
 Sly Guy  - 9
 Rascal_UK  - 9
 LateNite  - 8
 djwerewolf  - 8
 matrix  - 8
 Tema  - 7
 KoolzAK1200  - 7
 anuK  - 7
 -Wanted-  - 6

 djwerewolf writes: Revenge of the Sith DJ
It was pretty obvious what the theme of this set was. Even if you don't like Star Wars, you'd have to admit that this was some good mixing. However, I am a little bit of Star Wars fan and the first 15 mins were a pretty good way to start it off. The rest was an above average set with a little bit of everything.... good, bad, old, new, slow, fast.
[ Posted on 2005-05-15 16:25:49 ] [email]

 Sly Guy writes: 9 free points for having the star wars theme
First time I can actually say dance music made me smile and laugh the entire way thru a set. Very unique, uber nerdy, but fun. Not the greatest mix when it comes to flow or track selection, but it makes up for all of that in originality.
[ Posted on 2005-05-15 18:28:31 ] [email]

 sdro writes: genius!
combining tons of uplifiting old/nu/exp.-stuff middleton has done a very good job! it's a pleasure!
[ Posted on 2005-05-15 23:20:48 ] [homepage]

 serp writes:
Why do you consider this mix "uber nerdy" ? Just because it has star wars stuff in it?

Star wars is about as mainstream as you can get.
[ Posted on 2005-05-16 11:59:38 ] [email]

 rogue ldr writes: star wars + mixing = kick ass.
dude mixed my two favorite things - star wars and dj'ing - into an essential mix. props to him. dope intro, as well. most of the tunes fit well with what he was going for. very creative...nice to hear something different on the EM, not just the same "hot" dance tunes for 2 hours.
[ Posted on 2005-05-16 15:39:31 ]

 phoenix writes: yeah!
Yes, very good mix, good tracks selection.
My favourit trax is at 73:00 mins.. i think was "Playgroup Feat KC Flight : Front 2 Back : Defected".. big up Tom Middleton!

(*_*)_Phoenix from Italy
[ Posted on 2005-05-16 21:48:08 ] [homepage] [email]

 matrix writes:
Good 'fun' mix with lots of variation.
Way too many quotes from the film in the beginning though. Less is more.
[ Posted on 2005-05-18 16:53:02 ] [email]

 KoolzAK1200 writes:
Good enough essential...bit overkill with the star wars malarky but sppose given the new films due out & middleton anyhow ..that is sorta the point but still ...overkilled it a bit with the films spoken word extracts ...Reasonably well put all together anyhow . Decent-ish tunes with some topnotch old skool electro amongst some not so-decentish newish tunes and boots..Still its fun and sits together well .
[ Posted on 2005-05-19 18:00:22 ]

 hawuch writes: mr. sith
I sense a great disturbance in the force..
[ Posted on 2005-06-02 16:12:07 ]

 mufc70 writes: Fresh
Dont, like stars wars never will, this set is so refreshing though, it deserves credit. Quality Djing.Tom Middleton if u are watching may the force be with you. x
[ Posted on 2005-06-10 07:13:49 ] [email]

 LateNite writes: Very Original
I would have thought Tom woulda gotten over Star Wars seeing as Lucas forced him to stop using the Jedi Knights monkier. Now I'm not a big Star Wars fan, I though it was decent, but not cult worthy. However, this mix is crazy good. The music is all over the place but is held together superbly with some wicked sampling. Like, LCD Soundsystem mixed with crazy Star Wars trumpets? Lovin' it.
[ Posted on 2005-06-17 18:47:16 ] [email]

 hazard_ writes: Jango Fett Would Be Proud.
This mix is awesome. And i'm not just saying that because i'm a Closet Star Wars Geek with a cardboard cutout of Boba Fett. I think the Jedi Disco track was excellent, along with that other track where the hook pops up " Princess Leia, I'd date her, in a galaxy far, far away, Undercover, Disco Lover, Obiwan-A-Go Go. " That makes me laugh.
[ Posted on 2005-07-09 03:24:33 ] [homepage]

 Desyn writes:
technically irreproachable
[ Posted on 2005-10-12 18:15:41 ] [email]

 g.d.b writes: Brilliant!
The most fun, entertaining and unique mix, totally fresh and very funny in places. Fantastic musical journey! Nominated for EM of the Year! I hope it wins!
[ Posted on 2005-10-30 22:15:11 ]

 madgoose writes: use the forks, luke
ideally would rate it 9.5 but as thats not an option it has to be 10. i admire originality in any creative outlet, and this mix has it by the bucket-load. with the amount of music-by-numbers and generic crap around these days this stands out by a mile. finally, as others have commented, any mix that causes you to laugh has to be something quite special.
[ Posted on 2006-11-04 14:43:12 ] [homepage]

 swordsie writes: The force
Middleton i know what you got for christmas...
I felt your presents
[ Posted on 2008-01-18 21:54:43 ] [email]

 steverto writes: these tracks are nice.
First time I can actually say dance music made me smile and laugh the entire way through a set. i like the stuff on these pages and all mix i will collect, i was busy in offering services of small business web hosting services along with the ecommerce hosting services at affordable price and now i am going to start hosting reseller services which are reliable and easy to use. but i like these tracks too.
[ Posted on 2009-08-04 15:12:36 ] [email]

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