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Sasha, Live at Maida Vale Broadcasted on Sunday 22nd May, 2005

Sasha Intro
Detroit Escalator Company - 'Abstract Forward Motion' (Peacefrog)
Ian Brown - 'Kiss Ya Lips' (Polydor)
No Doubt - 'Hella Good' [Remix] (Interscope)
Timo Maas - 'Passive Massive' (Warners)
Glitch - 'Tip Toe' [Jonathan Hart Bootleg] (Nano)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White)
Michael Mayer - 'Lovefood'(Kompakt Pop)
Ricardo Villalobos - 'Easy Lee' [Smith n Hack Remix] (Playhouse (Germany)
Jori Hulkkonen - Science [Aril Brikha Remix] / Sasha - 'Wavy Gravy' (F Comm)
Juliet - 'Ride the Pain' [Thin White Duke Mix] (Virgin)
Extrawelt - 'Zu Fuss' (Border Community)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White)
Sia - 'Breathe Me' [Ulrich Schnauss Remix] (Go Beat)
Egg - 'Wall' [Egg Re-Edit] (White)
Jori Hulkkonnen feat. Jerry Valuri - 'Lo-Fiction' [Dub Mix] (F Comm)
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc [Acapella] (Parlophone) / Sasha - 'Wavy Gravy' (BMG)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White)
M83 - 'Unknown' (White)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White) / Thomas Newman - 'Drive Away' (White)
Moby - 'Raining Again' [Ewan Pearson Dub] (Mute)
Sasha Outro

 Duncan  - 10
 Telekinesis  - 10
 nazgul  - 10
 wearthefoxhat  - 10
 XI  - 10
 A-Lexx  - 10
 superjerry  - 10
 verndogs  - 10
 Oju Hazard  - 10
 Desyn  - 10
 Innersoul  - 10
 soar  - 10
 infctr  - 10
 ovi_satma  - 9
 Tzigane  - 9
 LCD  - 9
 angelcastilla  - 9
 CerealKiller  - 9
 sdro  - 9
 a massive zebra  - 9
 ivc  - 9
 awesome  - 9
 leofeld  - 8
 shoayb_makda  - 8
 LilZe  - 7
 -Wanted-  - 7
 matrix  - 7
 JasonB  - 7
 Marcin_G  - 7
 Turn_Off  - 7
 julandy  - 6
 djwerewolf  - 6
 austoff  - 6
 p1oneer  - 5
 anuK  - 5
 tgross79  - 3
 TokyoLA  - 3
 Betas  - 2

 sdro writes: sensational!
what a huge surprise - funkiness brought to me directely by sasha. great mix - only the final part has some boring elements...
[ Posted on 2005-05-22 22:35:29 ] [homepage]

 Innersoul writes: Impressive
Not normally into Sasha, but this set was really impressive. Very funktified and interesting to listen to. Sasha is certainly a pioneer!
[ Posted on 2005-05-22 22:49:59 ] [homepage]

 shoayb_makda writes: AMAZING FIRST TUNE!
the first track after the intro was an amazing tune ive heard all year so it to come from the man not to keen on the new electro stuff sasha and diggers are playing these days.prefer them when they were into the prog style.but thumbs up to sasha for that track!true sasha tune that is!SASHAAAAAAAA!!!!
[ Posted on 2005-05-23 00:02:04 ]

 ivc writes: excellent
Excellent set. Some interesting tracks.
[ Posted on 2005-05-23 16:21:25 ] [homepage] [email]

 gbalasko writes: tracklist
01 Intro
02 Detroit Escalator Company - Abstract Forward Motion
03 Ian Brown - Kiss Ya Lips (No I.D.)
04 No Doubt - Hella Good (Remix/Edit)
05 Timo Maas - Passive Massive (Edit)
06 Glitch - Tip Toe (Jonathan Hart Bootleg)
07 ID
08 Michael Mayer - Lovefood
09 Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee (Smith n Hack Remix)
10 Jori Hulkkonen - Science (Aril Brikha Remix) w/ Sasha - Wavy Gravy (Edit)
11 Juliet - Ride the Pain (Thin White Duke Mix)
12 Extrawelt - Zu Fuss
13 ID
14 Sia - Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
15 Egg - The Wall (ID RmX)
16 Jori Hulkkonnen ft. Jerry Valuri - Lo-Fiction
17 Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Acapella) w/Sasha - Wavy Gravy (U&K Remix) (Edit)
18 ID
19 M83 - Don't Save Us From The Flames (Superpitcher RmX) <<confirm that rmx?
20 ID w/Thomas Newman - Drive Away
21 Moby - Raining again (Ewan Pearson dub)
22 Outro
[ Posted on 2005-05-24 17:11:38 ] [email]

 tgross79 writes: not impressed
I am a fan of sasha dont get me wrong, been a fan since expeditions came out and got to see him at twilo back in the day, but this, was shite....Come on, an essential mix on a lap top? in a recording studio? BS, I know sasha has sworn off vinyl which still hurts, but doing a whole essential mix with a few clicks of a mouse on a digital music program...I am not buying it......Sorry Sasha you are great live, but.....dont turn into a computer DJ.....
[ Posted on 2005-05-24 23:44:33 ] [email]

 serp writes:
tgross79: unfortunently for you, he has been playing live on a laptop for over a year now at any of his gigs.

I think people shouldn't be so narrow minded when it comes to ableton sets, you should actually sit down and learn how to use the program and you'll see exactly why he switched over, some of the stuff you can do on it is amazing.

I still prefer to see DJs use decks when I go out and see them, I'd still prefer to see Sasha use decks in conjunction with other equipment. But this is the future of dance music whether you like it or not.
[ Posted on 2005-05-25 07:29:36 ] [email]

 matrix writes:
My clubbing days are long gone; one result of this is that I'm much more interested in the listening experience than how the mix was produced. Doing the whole thing in software doesn't make it any less artistic to me; this is my hobby too and even for my amateur cut and paste efforts I would still consider the process creative.

So for me it boils down to the end product, and in this mix's case I found it to be missing a certain something. There are great parts and nothing wrong with it more than a few dull patches, but it just didn't have a spark for me. I think it may require more listens to come up with a final opinion.

[ Posted on 2005-05-25 08:43:28 ] [email]

 Malacoda writes:
Having attended Sasha's Fundacion residency in LA (where he uses a custom-crafted Ableton console), I am in agreement with Serp.

Here's the deal. The all-digital set is indeed the future of DJing. Programs such as Live offer far more potential than two decks and a fader. And while old-fashioned mixing does involve more technical dexterity, acheiving Ableton's great potential requires more actual talent than simply spinning records (which isn't too difficult, as anyone who actually does it regularly should readily admit).

But I too will mourn the death of vinyl (if it ever occurs). When Sasha played with Lee Burridge at Avalon, it was Burridge who had the crowd in his hand, dancing and menacing the floor with evil wax. Meanwhile, Sasha was focused on his Mac ("Maven" or whatever the console is called), shifting from foot to foot and smiling sheepishly from behind the huge LCD display. He could have been running iTunes for all anyone knew.

This technology suits Sasha's personal style, and I think this mix was intended to be the apotheosis of his revolution -- an example to the world of what is possible. Involver was a prelude to the concept of DJ as live producer/artist. Fundacion (the Album) ships in June and should be its coming-out party.

As for the mix itself, I thought it was up to the high standard that is expected of Sasha, but not necessarily transcendent. It was clearly a Sasha set in that it contained so many of his signature elements. Lots of minor key buildups, groovy basslines, distorted/reverbed vocals, etc...

The re-edits were crisp and offered interesting variations on some solid tracks. That it was more funk and breaks than smooth prog house didn't surprise me too much -- listen to anything he's done since "Communicate" and you can see him moving in this direction. He certainly breathed some much appreciated new life into Wavy Gravy -- and this was a good example of what is possible with Ableton.

However, I wonder how much of this mix was truly improvised and how much of the cuts and effects were pre-programmed and then tossed into the mix at the appropriate moment. I think that will always be the question with this new technology since the physical aspect of the performance is gone.

This is a decent demonstration of potential, but the improvements over traditional mixing don't live up to Tong's gushing commentary. There is more that can be done -- for example, I too would like to see Live combined with traditional decks and/or instrumentation. And really, how much did Ableton pay for all the product plugs? Sheesh.
[ Posted on 2005-05-25 10:50:19 ]

 tgross79 writes: Rebuttal
I've seen Sasha 3 times at Crobar in NYC during his fundacion residency he rocks live....I was more ticked off that this essential mix was yes on a laptop (he does use cd decks during live shows as well) and not live, but in a studio. I give respect to those who do use a more then just decks (Richie Hawtin is the pioneer in this) But This mix just didnt do anything for me, there were no real pulsating tracks that really grabbed you, no super strong basslines, it just went blah........It wasnt inpiring to me personally but everyone is different
[ Posted on 2005-05-25 16:40:59 ] [email]

 Marcin_G writes: Sasha's Mix...
This is a pretty impressive mix but the first half of the mix was wayyy too mellow for my taste. First couple of tracks sounded like for Polka dancing. Experimental mix for sure and I know he wouldn't play this kind of mix live. Seen him 3 times and I still prefer the Sasha with decks 7/10
[ Posted on 2005-05-26 18:41:35 ] [email]

 Turn_Off writes:
First of all the mixing on this track, even regarding the use of Ableton, was not that good, it was definately sub-par compared to what Sasha is capable off, even with Ableton.

If anyone ever heard Sasha's performance with Ableton in Florida for the Tsunami benefit event they would know that you can use heavy bass lines, hard hitting and pulsating tracks, and seamless yet progressive style mixing with Ableton that sounds exactly like a live DJ playing with vinyls and a crossfader but with all the added sounds of Ableton running across the tracks.

I've got the Fundacion promotional CD from Global Underground, and it sounds alot closer to the Involved Tsunami benefit mix that he did, compared to this Essential Mix.

You can't judge Ableton by this set, try to track down his Involved set, and get Fundacion once it's out so you can hear a side of Ableton that's played with more progressive and even minimal/dirty/downtempo style of house.

As far as the use of Ableton, Sasha performed much lower than what I've heard from him using the software before. He layered way too many tracks with Way Out West's Anything But You opening percussion line of the same repeating 4 bars of snare. And the effects of the track were not as varied as he could do (I've used Ableton for a while to make edits of tracks for CD DJ'ing) or has done in the past.
[ Posted on 2005-05-28 17:42:25 ]

 shoayb_makda writes: hmm...
i think the more u listen to this set the more it grows on you.ive listened to it a few times and i actually start to like it now.some nice tracks played but i do agree with those that say sasha could have done better..i miss his style of music that he used to play in the twilo/gu ibiza days...
[ Posted on 2005-05-30 01:38:24 ]

 tgross79 writes: changing my vote
I listened to it more last week.......not a good showing from sasha, and this is not bc of the abelton......just poor trackselection.....sasha you are the man but this wasn't your finest!
[ Posted on 2005-06-02 17:06:55 ] [email]

 wearthefoxhat writes:
been a big fan of the man called,def not his best far far from it .disapointing
[ Posted on 2005-06-04 21:49:20 ]

 Betas writes: cha
sasha as allways playing poor, intresting why such as westbam not playing essentials
[ Posted on 2005-06-05 15:54:42 ] [email]

 JasonB writes:
Given a 7 for such a new diverse sound even though it made me nod off a bit.
[ Posted on 2005-06-09 22:13:35 ] [homepage] [email]

 stack writes:
this mix was way too electrofunk.
[ Posted on 2005-06-18 16:59:02 ]

 Duncan writes: Pushing it forward
[ Posted on 2005-06-19 02:55:54 ]

 Tzigane writes:
[ Posted on 2005-06-22 15:57:46 ]

 Tzigane writes:
Ableton or no ableton, I loved this setlist. These songs are so catchy, infectious, refreshing and uplifting...what trance should be. And this coming from someone who has grown very bored with the genre overall.

But what is up with those dramatic tempo changes? Usually he's more subtle about that.

The M83 track is actually "Teen Angst", original.
[ Posted on 2005-06-22 16:00:25 ]

 Telekinesis writes: Telekinesis
Magnificent mix from GOD SASHA !!!!! Best mix from the best DJ
[ Posted on 2005-06-26 20:58:33 ]

 milemicun writes: tracklis updated
01. R1 Intro
02. Detroit Escalator Company - Abstract Forward Motion
03. Ian Brown - Kiss Ya Lips (No ID)
04. No Doubt - Hella Good (Sharam Jay Remix)
05. Timo Maas - Massive
06.Glitch - Tip Toe (Jonathan Hart Bootleg)
07. Unknown - Unknown
08. Michael Mayer - Lovefood
09. Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee (Smith n Hack Remix)
10. Jori Hulkkonen - Science (Original)
11. Jori Hulkkonen - Science (Aril Brikha Remix) w/ Sasha - Wavy Gravy Parts
12. Juliet - Ride the Pain (Thin White Duke Mix)
13. Extrawelt - Zu Fuss
14. Spooky - New Light
15. Sia - Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) w/ Sasha Re-edit
16. Egg - Wall (Original) w/ Sasha Re-Edit
17. Jori Hulkkonnen ft. Jerry Valuri - Lo-Fiction (Dub Mix / Edit)
18. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Original) w/ Sasha - Wavy Gravy Parts
19. M83 - Teen Angst (Remix) w/ Sasha Re-edit
20. Moby - Raining Again (Ewan Pearson dub) w/ Thomas Newman - Drive Away
21. R1 Outro
[ Posted on 2005-08-24 23:31:29 ] [email]

 austoff writes: new toys, upset boys!
hey whats the argument,so he plays off ableton live now,he cant be knocked for trying to take the mix onto another dimension.
he should be knocked for playing cheesy tracks into his set,do we all think he might be getting bored of the scene?
a friend of mine once watched him drink a whole bottle of jack daniels through a 7 hour set in japan.dont knock him i think he is trying to keep himself interested in the whole thing by pushing the limits,incidentally whats happened to carl cox?
[ Posted on 2005-09-18 14:26:47 ]

 ovi_satma writes: Sasha is Master
had to listen to this alot before i realised that this is actually quite beautyfull. you have to grow on it. it doesnt catch u at first but it gets better with age.
and come on . i have some of the tracks that he played and i can't get enywhere near the sound that he produced. he is master and that's that! and ableton??... pioneering. endless posibilities!! you shouldn't be so conservative when it comes to tehniques. i mix totally digitaly . i dont own deks or cd players. and no one cares. its what sound U produce, what message you transmit. go to the part of m83-teen angst and you'll see what i mean.
this should go to no1. e.m of this year.......
by the way... no oakey e.m this year???
[ Posted on 2005-12-18 16:45:37 ] [email]

 CerealKiller writes:
I've given this e-mix 2 solid listens now and I must say that I am really impressed. It doesn't have a very good club/dance vibe, but damn...there are some really groovy beats that flow nicely. The kind of stuff you can just get swept up in and lose yourself.
As always, Sasha is still one of the greatest producers/DJs out there. No one else like him.
Congrats to Sasha for winning E-mix of the year.
[ Posted on 2006-01-08 09:03:12 ]

 wearthefoxhat writes:
wow has anyone else listened to this wapped out with headphones on , fcuk me this is serious, layered sounds or wat SASHA TAKIN IT 2 ANOTHER LEVEL
[ Posted on 2006-01-27 15:36:38 ]

 stickyfinger writes: sasha....
[ Posted on 2006-01-29 13:04:17 ] [email]

 spoons writes:
ive long been a fan of sasha, and hes a man pushs things forward THE most progressive man in dance music, a little before his time some may say.

ive still not got into his new way of mixing, well digitally producing live sets or whatever u want to call it.

I havnt yet been gripped by this mix, but sure enough im sure i will at some point, im proberbly not yet musically 'mature' yet to apreciate it, but as ive been in position b4 with things, im used to realising weeks months years later that it was an absolute magical idea.

id still prefer to see him rather than just focus on one means of mixing, mix it up and use a whole array of instruments. the whole digital thing doesnt seem to get me going as much as when u hear a dj mix and get some of the mixes slightly wrong, this doesnt seem 'real' if u understand me, thus doesnt seem to get me going as much.

only time will tell, proberbly when he gets a lifwetime achievemnt award and a bronze statue of him erected somewhere. he thoroughly deserves it as he has helped drive the dance music scene in the uk for years and years, and this 'new' aproach to ddj'ing is just another step forward... but vinyl will never die!
[ Posted on 2006-04-18 15:59:17 ] [email]

 LilZe writes:
One word: boring. I love Sasha of old, but this set, while beatifully produced, is just plain boring.
[ Posted on 2006-05-08 22:45:07 ]

 infctr writes:
07. Morgan Page - Landline
[ Posted on 2006-07-02 17:47:45 ] [email]

 leofeld writes:
I've seen Sasha live, and was not impressed. I must say that this mix is much better than some of the other stuff that I've heard from him. Definitely not Essential mix of the year, but good mix nevertheless.
[ Posted on 2007-01-24 21:12:13 ]

 JasonB writes:
Anyone thats given this a 10 seriously need their head checked!
[ Posted on 2007-03-01 21:21:07 ] [homepage] [email]

 z writes: world class
regardles of how, where or on what technology this was produced on, I believe this to be one of the most stunning performances of music I have ever experienced. It is an absolutely sensational mix, full of unexpected twists and turns, characteristically Sashaesque moments, and above all a scintillating selection of high quality records.
I'm listening to it now, 12 mins to the end, and I actually joined this site purely to comment on this mix. It is one of the best essential mixes I have heard, and one of the best mix sets of Sasha's I've heard in a good few years. This is the sound of an artist at the peak of his profession.
[ Posted on 2008-08-20 02:21:42 ]

 orlando writes: Awesome mix i ever seen.
I think people should not be narrow minded while thinking about ableton sets, they are also part of our culture and i like some of these mix they are nice to listen and enjoying time, i listen them when i was going to offer some services of asp web hosting services along with the free host services at affordable price and now i am going to start unlimited domain hosting services at cheap packages, but one thing i must say that i like the stuff on these pages as they are really nice and all mix are exclusive.
[ Posted on 2009-08-05 07:17:46 ] [email]

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