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Welcome to this site, here you can find the Radio One Essential Mix archives, ever since 1993 when it first broadcasted, up until today, and for the future. In time there will be features added for "artist in residence" which will be a profile of a DJ/Producer we will pick each month, and give you information about them and what they are doing now.

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Desyn Masiello, Demi and Omid 16b aka SOS Broadcasted on Sunday 26th March, 2006

Unknown 'Try To Make It (Idiots Remix)' (Cdr)
Tenshake 'Toshii Battle (Lb Dub Edit) (White)
Lorna 'Jumpin Jack Flash' (Lorna)
Steal Vybe 'Rhythm Slaves (Bb Edit)' (White)
Fed-Ex Ft Pewee 'Broken (Sos Bb Edit)' (Plusminus)
Unknown 'Mystery Guest' (Cdr)
Teenage Bad Girl 'Ghost House' (Archibell)
Fishbowl 'Movin Too Fast (Freemason's La Dub Edit)' (Eye Industries)
Klein & Zenker 'Footcorner' (Mutekki)
Sasse Ft Kiki 'Loosing Touch (Instrumental)' (Moodmusic)
Alex Kenji 'Low Frequency' (9 Records)
Deepgroove 'Drum Honeys (Trophy Twins Mix)' (Pop Pop)
Disxs 'The Storm (Bb Edit)' (Tresor)
Dj Simi '4 Da Underground' (Cdr)
Valentino Kanzyani 'Feeling Electro' (Punchfunk)
Absolut & Blade 'Crash (Bb Edit)' (Kumquat Tunes)
Sos Bb Loops
Pashka ' Island Breeze ( Belocca & Sonecci Masiello Pikedit)' (Unknown)
Toby Flowers 'Untitled' (Deeper Substance)
16bit Lolita 'Difficult Is Impossible' (Lost Orchestra)
Denis Menace 'Time To Turn Around' (Lowered Recordings)
One Motion 'Desolate' (Cdr)
Unknown 'Sax Trax' (White)
Perspex 'Stepwise' (Clone)
The Diogenes Club 'Jaunt (Harry Peat Mix)' (Urban Torque)
Dj T 'Funk On You (Bb Edit)' (Get Physical)
Unknown 'Unknown' (Sos's Kawalski Remix) (White)
Dj Dlg 'Cnc (Bb Edit)' (Huge Recs)
Da Fresh 'On The Way (Bb Edit)' (White Label)
Unknown 'Al Usher Piano Dub' (White Label)
Unknown 'Drop' (White Label)
Da Lukus 'Here I Am (Bb Ext Edit)' (White Label)
Unknown 'I Neva Wanna Sleep (Sos Bb Edit)' (Cdr)
Jay Tech & Matt Rowan "Tomorrow' (Hope)
Red & Blue 'Siren (Somnus Corp)' (Adjust)
Castelli & Perazzi 'On The Road' (South American)
Mash 'Unknown (Oms Edit)' (White Label
Unknown 'Mister Head' (White Label)
Heaven 17 'Penthouse Pavement ( Om 's Spurt Edit) ' (Virgin)
Rai 'Thinking Of Suzanne' (Solstice)
Omid16b 'A New Way' (Sexonwax)
Elio Riso & Rafunk 'To Be Or Not To Be (Dub Mix) (White Label)
Omid16b 'U R Me' (Sexonwax)

 mhunkantonio  - 10
 bukimoz  - 10
 djwicked  - 10
 phoenix  - 10
 Burkey  - 10
 Desyn  - 10
 Oju Hazard  - 10
 SvAjOnEe  - 10
 synkboy  - 10
 eddy gonlez  - 9
 madgoose  - 9
 superjerry  - 8
 nazgul  - 7
 buzziefunny  - 7
 matrix  - 7
 lumiere  - 6
 oggie  - 1

 oggie writes:
Totally uninteresting club house crap.
[ Posted on 2006-03-27 07:56:53 ] [email]

 eddy gonlez writes: sexy house music
a great set!! from great Dj's
[ Posted on 2006-03-27 22:35:25 ]

 synkboy writes:
This is sensational,
don't know quite how Oggie ame to the conclusion this was a "1".

But I did notice he gave 10 to NAthan Fake and James Holden.

Shows how much he knows about good music then!
[ Posted on 2006-03-28 08:14:57 ] [email]

 nazgul writes: synkboy
The same I can tell about you:
You gave 1 to mixex rated 10 by me.
Shows how much you know about good music then!
[ Posted on 2006-03-28 10:36:05 ] [homepage] [email]

 Oju Hazard writes: respect...
This is one of the best hose set i have heard in my life. Cheers they're great !!! It rocks !!! :d:d
[ Posted on 2006-03-28 12:39:34 ] [email]

 oggie writes:
Strangely engough that was the responce i expected from synkboy and i can say the same thing about you for the Nathan Fake and James Holden one.
[ Posted on 2006-03-30 08:47:56 ] [email]

 synkboy writes:
This is an across the board house mix,shifting from funky to pumping house effortlessly with sublime mixing,programming and has a good dancefloor sound.

Holden and Fake was uninteresting,bland,and I cannot imagine anyone wanting to hear it in a club except for you idiots.

Make sure you don't hurt yourself when you fall off the minimal bandwagon kids.
[ Posted on 2006-03-30 21:04:35 ] [email]

 matrix writes:
A good mix, though I found myself tuning in and out a bit - the mix is a bit too constantly on the same theme for my tastes.

The genre-bashing conversation going on above is a bit ridiculous. It's like slating you for your favourite colour. I've always thought that marks of 1 on this site are mostly to be ignored (and often 10/10's are slung around too freely as well). This kind of marking always seem to be based upon which genre the author likes.
[ Posted on 2006-04-02 13:08:13 ] [email]

 Burkey writes: Brilliant
Really enjoyed this.

Anyone got any idea what the tune coming in around the 100 minute mark is ?
[ Posted on 2006-04-02 14:22:55 ] [homepage]

 madgoose writes: maximum grill up
i agree with matrix: there were some sections of this mix that really got me rocking, but there was the odd moment where my attention waned... definitely a marked improvement on recent weeks though it must be said
[ Posted on 2006-04-07 18:08:56 ] [homepage]

 buzziefunny writes: agree also
i too have to agree with the comments that this set has its bangin moments, but also its very lackluster spots...perhaps trimming it down to just 2 hours would've worked better...definitely not horrible, above average, in fact, i'd say, but not omfg drooling set...
[ Posted on 2006-04-15 08:15:02 ] [email]

 synkboy writes:
As much as I like this mix,
it seems to totally die in the last half an hour.

Best just to listen to the first 150 minutes and disregard the last 30.
[ Posted on 2006-04-20 17:59:07 ] [email]

 djwicked writes: Bangin
Like many of his sets before, Desyn does not dissapoint, easily making it one of the best house sets this year. Desyn creates a great sound mixing many different aspects of house into a pumping sound that's sure to get clubbers dancing all night long.
[ Posted on 2006-04-25 08:32:44 ] [email]

 coshmo writes:
Awesome set
I Can't find many of the tracks, I found some little errors in the tracklist, and I think there are many more...

Deepgroove - Drum Honey
DisX3 - The storm
Rob Mooney - feelin electro (valentino kanzyani_rmx)
[ Posted on 2006-06-10 23:01:37 ] [email]

 synkboy writes:
Repeated listens to this mix have forced me to rethink my rating and give it a 10.

Far and away the best house mix of 2006.

Sensational stuff.
[ Posted on 2006-11-11 11:32:19 ] [email]

 synkboy writes:
Unknown - "Drop"(White Label,
Da Lukas - "Here I am".

Einzelkind - 'Drop 74' (Get Physical)
[ Posted on 2006-11-22 17:07:35 ] [email]

 madgoose writes: heavyweight
a year or so down the road, and whilst i dont wish to rescind my previous comment, on a revisit to the mix, it is certainly one of the stronger mixes from a somewhat lacklustre year. if you havent got it, get it. if you have got it, give it another blast.
[ Posted on 2007-03-20 00:46:17 ] [homepage]

 Desyn writes:
The tune Unknown 'Mister Head' is from Robert Babicz
[ Posted on 2007-08-25 19:06:33 ] [email]

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